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Error UpLoading Media In The Hypnotic Abyss

The Hypnotic Abyss

Error UpLoading Media

“Your default setting, runs your life secretly”
– Born of Osiris; Machine

(Exercising Your Mind) You ever get the message “error uploading media“?

It’s annoying isn’t it?

When you spend all that time waiting for your great piece of content to go live online after waiting 10-minutes, only to be informed it has not been!

This happens all the time in the Hypnotic Abyss, which I have not exactly disclosed what that is in all the writing I have done using this term.

In fact, it is just another name of our subconscious mind.

Nothing more or less than that.

Which brings me to the next great point that you really need to have an understanding of when working with your powerful, creative mind.

The point being that you have to understand that there are a lot of different names for the same thing.

This can be confusing.

For example the word heart is often used in place of mind, or subconscious mind.

Like when the bible talks about that “the pure of heart shall see God“.

Did you really think that the big hunk of flesh in your chest is what was being spoken of in that Sermon on the Mount?

And what about the word pure?

There is another decoded secret I will give you here about that. Just keep reading all the way because I would like to finish up the matters of the heart.

Which as you should understand, know, or at least accept for now that it is another word for subconscious mind.

The curious and often overlooked capacity of the heart in our chest is actually that it actually has just as much and maybe even more thinking power than the brain!

The heart is full of so many surprises.

It is in fact, just like having another mind.

It also records information like our brains do.

It is another type of sending and receiving station like our brain is.

The brain and the mind are not the same thing.

The heart and the subconscious mind are not the same thing.

The brain is the physical equipment we use to process mind information just like the heart is the physical instrument that we use to process subconscious stuff.

This is why they seem the same but they are really not.

Because they are the things we use to interpret this information, and are very closely related in their apparent function.

Even though they are very closely related, and even more closely connected, we have to learn to separate them in thought sometimes to get clear on things.

Like goals and success.

The successful achievement of our goals.

And this is where the secret of the word pure comes in when we want to be very certain of creating the life that we desire and design.

It is all about being pure of heart.

And the way that we are pure of heart is actually by the use of our critical filter when we are wide awake and fully conscious.

Because the word pure is a term that was used to mean “clearly focused”.

If we are not clearly focused, then we do not send the right type of directions to our subconscious mind to get us where we want to be.

And because of this we get an “error uploading media” message.

Because the information that we need has run into error.

It just isn’t right.

The right information to motivate right action, has to be fully uploaded by right thinking, or being pure of heart so that we get the right outcome.

So to be clearly focused, we would be sure to remain pure by keeping our thoughts fixed upon the successful outcome of what we want to have happen.

By remaining clearly focused on what we know is best for us, we are being pure in our minds when we are wide awake and conscious.

This is being mindful of our thoughts.

This is true awareness.

In the Hypnotic Abyss this is purity.

And when we are focused on something as clear as we can be, we are very definitely being pure of heart.

And you always Follow Your Heart.

The real question is, “Where is your heart going“?

Because that is where YOU are going.

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