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Build Your Business Prosperity With Dominant Thought Hypnosis ^Part-3^

With Dominant Thought Hypnosis

Build Your Business Prosperity


You can’t pretend that things are O.K.,

when your actions and your words are out of alignment.”

– Tony Rush – Inner Circle Audio; 2-4-2013

(Exercising Your Mind) I can be quite sure that you have had a lot of success with at least one thing, and probably a whole lot of things in your life.

I am sure of this for a few reasons.

One reason is because I have had a lot of success with plenty of things in my life. And you are, for some reason, reading this web log, meaning we have similar interests.

One of the most significant interests that we have in common, is most likely that we desire to experience abundance and prosperity in our business and personal lives.

The Dawn Of HypnoAthletics

Prosperity doesn’t mean you have to spend money as fast as it comes into your hands

John Lavenia

During the final 6-months of my education at Hypnosis Motivation Institute, I was required to participate in a clinical residency practice in order to graduate.

I was instructed to find, and bring clients into the clinic located on campus, and facilitate a certain number of practice hours as a Clinical Hypnotist.

I continued to practice in the same location after graduation, as well as in my own home office and at several other private locations in Southern California.

  • My first two clients were Past Life Hypnosis clients, who both claimed to have life changing past life experiences during our sessions.
  • I helped a few people to breathe more freely with Smoking Cessation Hypnosis
  • I coached someone through heartbreak and motivation with Relationship Hypnosis
  • I eliminated a 14-year arachnophobia (debilitating fear of spiders) with hypnosis
  • Several clients found their healthy body weight with HypnoAthletics
  • Hypnosis was used to help a client successfully complete a Navy Seal program

I saw a lot of people experiencing success because of the guidance of my expertise in hypnosis combined with their burning desire to create change.

But I did not feel prosperity or success.

I admired and looked up to the Therapists who were seeing 6 to 8 clients per day at $125.00 or more per hour.

I was charging the same thing and sometimes seeing just as many clients at that rate, but still did not feel prosperous or successful.

I will tell you why next time…

The fastest way to evolve; the fastest way to accelerate your evolution,

is to immerse yourself in an environment, where the success you intend to experience,

is a reality, and is occurring.”

– John Lavenia; Empower Hour (2-4-2013): Inner Circle Audio

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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