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To Accelerate Your Success Is My Dominant Thought {PART-2}

My Dominant Thought

To Accelerate Your Success


Very little time is required to get from dominant thought to reality

Dan Kennedy

(Exercising Your Mind) You are certainly going to bring about what you consistently think about, whether you realize it or will admit it or not.

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I know this, because my dominant thought to build a life, and business with the mission and vision to accelerate your success, has become a reality.

I am accomplishing this because I have found and accepted the guidance of other people who are effectively accelerating the success of others, and getting rich while doing it!

I decided long ago, that my calling in life would be to accelerate the success of others by accelerating my own success.

The problem is that I was not experiencing the success that I desired.

And when I was getting the success that I wanted, I was so distracted by disappointment, that I did not recognize the success.

I did not feel like it was a good idea to practice the “fake it ’til you make it” concept.

That would be selling a dream while living a nightmare.

It would not have the true effect I desired because I would be asking people to accept advice from someone more screwed up than they were.

This is what is meant by “The blind leading the blind.”

But I did soon learn that I could leverage the success of others.
I can be the most powerful version of myself.

To leverage the success of others means that I can connect you to the successful people I know, and learn from as well as the resources they have used, and are using to succeed right now. Web Stats for

Global Rank – 509,732
U.S. Rank – 65,559
Bounce – less than 18 of 100 people leave site immediately
Daily Pageviews – more than 5
Daily Time on Site – more than 14-minutes

From The Shallows Into The Deep

Because of the encouraging results I have been experiencing by following the guidance of my successful teachers and mentors, I am able to leverage this by showing others how I do it.

So if someone were to ask: “Hakeem, how do you get more than 80 of 100 people to stay on your site spending 14-minutes while reading about 5-pages of content?!”

I would tell them that it is because I have some really great resources that were created by some amazing teachers, coaches, and mentors.

When I first began to look for ways to accelerate myself, the motivation was selfish. I just wanted to get what I wanted to have for me.

Fortunately, the information that I found has all been about success based on helping others to achieve and experience the success that they desire.

Once you get enough money in your bank account,
you’re not all of a sudden gonna be happy.
Once you get enough money in your bank account,
people are not all of a sudden gonna wanna join you

David Sharpe; Power Of LifeStyle – Inner Circle

Thought To Reality

But before you can experience success in your life, you have to experience success in your thought.

And the success has to be your dominant thought.

If success is a plus-one thought, and failure is a minus-one thought; then you need to have more plus-ones than minus-ones to succeed.

This is why the most difficult part of realizing success, for those of us who may have had trouble with this, is the maintenance of a success dominant thought.

Because this is the part that takes the longest to develop without the proper guidance. Yet it is the one ingredient to real success that is most often ignored.

One way to get started is to ask yourself the question “How can I serve the greatest amount of people, with the highest quality of value possible?”

Then we have to really want this; and fully and totally believe that we can do this.

You will get no appreciable results until you learn to reach your subconscious mind with thoughts, or spoken words that have been well emotionalized with belief
– Napoleon Hill; Think and Grow Rich

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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