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Team Building, World Travel And Wealth

Team Building, World Travel And Wealth

(Exercising Your Mind) Do you love to travel, or would you really like to? Are you interested in being around empowered, motivated and inspired people?

Do you have a desire to learn how to build a business while having a life? Would you like to be a mobile entrepreneur and make money from wherever you may be?

This is a massive team! Over 5,000 people!

Hakeem Freedom Miami

January 24th 2014 Hakeem Alexander

On January 22nd 2014 I flew from Los Angeles California to Fort Lauderdale Florida. This was for the Freedom Miami event hosted by the Empower Network.

I met people who flew in from all over the world there. They were all Independent Affiliates of the Empower Network just like me.

I met people frome Uganda, Austrailia, Nigeria, England, Portugal, Spain, Nigeria, Poland, Japan, Canada, China and many other countries around the world.

There were of course many people from all over the United States in attendance.

It was the first Empower Network event for me sine I joined as an affiliate on February 17th 2013.

To say that it was life changing does no justice to the motivating, inspiring and empowering experience that it was.

My next trip will be to Seattle Washington in April 2014!

This is the amazing opportunity that being an Empower Network Independent Affiliate offers when you join right now to be a part of my jet-setting team.

You do not have to join my team of course; that’s just a suggestion.

While on the subject of suggestion, I must remind you that this is one of the main tools used in the Science and Art of Clinical Hypnosis of which I am a Professional Practitioner.

I have been practicing as a professional hypnotist, getting paid to hypnotize people since just before graduating from America’s 1st Nationally Accredited College of Hypnosis.

I received my diploma from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in February of 2006.

But I was getting paid to hypnotize clients since ThanksGiving day of 2004, just a few weeks after I enrolled and started class at this Professional College.

I bring up the subjects of suggestion and hypnosis because the Empower Network that I am an independent affiliate with uses hypnosis, NLP, suggestion and other related Behavioral Sciences to motivate, inspire and empower their affiliates and customers.

This was one of the major characteristics of the company that encouraged me to join.

Empower Network teaches business building skills to anyone looking to improve their real-world, hands-on knowledge and skills of independent wealth creation and marketing.

One of the main ways that we do this is by helping others to discover and replace unwanted habits that may be holding them back with workable applications to move them forward.

It is not an easy business but the concepts are simple, rewarding and quite lucrative.

Because of the skill I have studied, adopted, practiced, adapted and taught from the Empower Network, I have been able to build my own independent business skills in a big way.

I have inspired many other people to move forward and be empowered to achieve their goals using this simple system to promote my hypnosis, yoga and self-defense businesses.

I have also made a bit of money retailing the very same information products that have helped me to do this to other looking to learn these team and business building skills.

Having the tools to use my degree in an innovative way is very refreshing. Not only do I get to practice hypnosis to help others with motivation and self-improvement; but I am able to leverage these skills with the tools provided by Empower Network to multiply my outreach!

Hakeem with Empower Network CEO Jonathan Cronstedt


Hyatt Regency Hotel Miami Florida January 25th 2014

This is something to be very grateful for and that is why I love to share this opportunity. Because you can learn to take any skill you have and turn it into a profitable business.

Not only that, but it is a lot of fun and you get to be around many successful people who have the similar unified vision to uplift, motivate, inspire and empower others to live a great life!

Even though there are now close to 300,000 independent affiliates world-wide and about 10-millionaires have been crowned in the short, two-year history of this company; there is still so much room for growth and building an even BIGGER, global team.

What will be your next destination? And while you are there, will you be making money from your mobile device while living a great life and having fun?

If this is something you have always desired to do, when is NOW a good time to get started?

Learn more about Team Building, World Travel And Wealth… Click the link below now, enter your e mail and find out how today!

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