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Initiating A League Of Assassins: Killing WithOut Guilt

Killing WithOut Guilt

Initiating A League Of Assassins

(Exercising Your Mind) Guilt is an emotion that can easily hold us back from moving forward.

It is the reliving of a mistake, or some deed or action that we have classified as being bad.

By playing this type of negative, soul-sucking experience over and over in our minds, we do nothing to proceed forward in the most efficient way.

Instead, it holds us where we are, or worse, it sets us back further away from our goals than we were before.

It is like taking two or three steps backwards for every step forward.

Getting Away With Murder

Now before you jump to the conclusion that I am about to teach how to take lives, and escape punishment, I must admit that I used this somewhat startling theme simply as an analogy.

What I do strongly suggest is the killing off, or assassination of, our unwanted habits, emotions, and actions.

Subtracting fear, procrastination, and waste from our lives as much as possible.I must be clear to recommend that this is not some type of negation of yourself, or a non-acceptance of who you are.

That would be an inner civil war.

What I am suggesting and recommending, is a practice that I have used very constructively for many years based on my own successes, and the triumphs of my teachers, coaches, and mentors.

KappaGuerra – The Only War

One of the most effective, and powerful ways to eliminate any of our unwanted habits, emotions, and, actions is sometimes a very closely guarded secret.

It is something that often has to be dug out from within a lot of other information intended to conceal it, and make you work for it.

So that you appreciate it so much more for having struggled to attain it.

Because all to often, when we kill off some negative or unwanted habit, there is left a void.

There are difficult issues when we eliminate an undesired emotion, and there are holes in our soul.

Troublesome consequences are often the result of the cold cessation of unproductive actions.

Where The Bodies Are Buried

But just like when a space for a grave is dug up from the Earth, the purpose is that it is filled with something else.A corpse.

The lifeless body of the dead.So it is the same when we take out the enemies of our joy, love, and success from within ourselves. We cannot just leave a hole with nothingness.

We have to fill the void with something.

In this case, I prefer to, and suggest that you use a little imagination and re-frame the idea of death into one of re-birth; tune into the idea of life and the living.


The power, and magic in this whole self-hypnotic, and metaphysical ritual you are now being initiated into; is actually one of everlasting life.

Because the secret is something so transformational, that once you begin to put it into action, you will have found yourself in a beautiful paradise from which there is no turning back!

To be Continued…

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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