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The Urban Dictionary Family Of Full Moon Prenoia

Family Of Full Moon Prenoia

The Urban Dictionary

(Exercising Your Mind) Tonight, when you look to the sky, you will see a Beauty-Full-Moon from wherever the skies are clear enough to view this celestial orb!And when you look for magic and meaningful coincidences in your life you will find them.

I tend to find a lot of these synchronicties in my life when it comes to the Moon and Numerology.

This actually signifies to me that I will soon be reaching my million dollar milestone in my business!

I will soon be sharing exactly how you can use lunar cycles and numerology to divine, predict, and even remote influence your own destiny!

Full Moon March 16th 2014

Earlier today, when I was on FaceBook, where many other savvy marketers and business leaders are leading with value to literally rake in millions of dollars, I saw a post from one of Empower Network’s finest Independent Affiliates – Lisa Torres Allen.

In the caption for this screenshot she wrote “This just pissed me off:”

[Miissing Image]

The date my Urban Dictionary entry was published happened to be March 21st 2008.And I am pretty sure Dave Wood posted something regarding the moon that I found interesting, but have not been able to track it down to share here.

And of course, tonight, as I began with is a full moon. And I just had a hunch to check the date of my Urban Dictionary entry with my Moon Phase Pro Software.

And you know what?

It just happened to be a full moon on that very day when I created the entry for Prenoia!

Full Moon March 21st 2008

So the 6-year anniversary for my entry into the Urban Dictionary is coming up in 5 days on March 21st. Which I also created a HypnoAthletics blog post for PRENOIA.

Then right after that is my blogging birthday!

Eight years of blogging on HypnoAthletics!

You can use Lunar Cycles and Numerology to:

Divine, Predict, and even Remote Influence your own Destiny!


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