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HypnoAthletics’ OrthoMolecular System is Nature’s EpiGenetic Engineering

Get Healthy and Fit for Summer!
(ask me how)


[sample breakfast below]

Nick G said: January 16th, 2013 7:44 am
Where do I begin? I trained with Hakeem for 5 1/2 months and during that
I lost over 50 lbs, learned about nutrition, and I also became a
“Kung Fu” master. Before that I lacked
self discipline, I was always
miserable, and most of all I was unmotivated. My
life has totally
thanks to his teachings and for that I always be grateful. Oh
and his music is awesome!!
Thanks Hakeem!

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HypnoAthletics’ OrthoMolecular System is
Nature’s EpiGenetic

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healthy summer body
Healthy Summer Body

Real Food. Fun Exercise.
15 to 30 minutes. Done.

The Gurus & Fakers are Envious!

Most people DO NOT need:
Pills, Powders, Proteins or Potions

If you really want to be HEALTHY as well as look great and FIT then you must
STOP The NonSense!
Most of those things that people will have you gagging down are not sustainable and are actually quite ridiculous. Except for the fact that they often serve to stimulate a placebo response.

This placebo response is helpful because it hypnotically motivates you to do what it takes to experience the results you desire.

Often times it also effects your body at the cellular level; but this can also be achieved with real food that will actually support your physical body in a sustainable way.

The way that you “exercise” and the order in which you eat these foods matters very much so that you feel satisfied and don’t go crazy feeling like you have starved. And this is the “SECRET“!

Do you know how to do these exercises? Can you handle it?

KappaGuerra Brigade (KGB) Capoeira-101 [Certification] 1

I spent $9.87 this morning on my breakfast. I admit this was actually a bit skimpy, but I still do not feel hungry now although is 3 hours later, and I have not had my second apple yet!

And it IS NOT about raw foods only, which in themselves are amazing for your body.
What makes a GIGANTIC difference is the simple way that you may not know of which ORDER to eat them!

This Afternoon I Broke My Fast (Breakfast)
(I slept in til 11:30am lucky me)

From Whole Foods Market
(I know everyone can’t get to whole foods but…)

8 ounces of Harvest Sensations Organic Kale Salad
Still working on 50.7 fluid ounces of 365 Spring Water
1 Organic Hass Avocado from Del Rey Farms
1 Organic Lady Alice Apple after the salad and avocado and another for a snack

Guilty Poison (optional)

Tall Verona Coffee on the Clover Machine from Starbucks $2.25

If this information is enough to get you started on the right path and you get the results you desire then I am very glad to have been of service. If not, you may need my services.

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