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July 20th 2013 Video Capoeira In The Valley Roda WIth Shira Winitzky

Capoeira In The Valley Roda WIth Shira Winitzky

July 20th 2013 Video

A few clips of the Game being played in the Roda at Shira Winitzky’s BBQ Roda and gathering in her Westlake Village training grounds.

Hakeem Alexander visits the open roda and barbeque hosted by up and coming Capoeira teacher Shira Winitzky.

Video was recorded on the Galaxy SIII phone by Mihaela Nicolae.

Capoeira In The Valley and Capoeira Los Angeles are two of the finest places to train Capoeira for several reasons in my opinion.

The most important of all has nothing to do with skill.

It has nothing to do with popularity or hoards of people flocking to the Capoeira Academy or training grounds.

It has to do with the most important feature of all: Community.

The community that makes up Capoeira In The Valley and Capoeira Los Angeles is one of the most fun, inviting and welcoming.

Capoeira Los Angeles is the supervising Academy of Capoeira In The Valley.

Capoeira Los Angeles was founded and is run by the head instructor Amir Solsky, also known as Contra Mestre Parafina.

Find out for yourself just how welcome you will be and the life changing and inspiring experience you will have and visit soon.

Shira Winitzky is the head teacher for Capoeira In The Valley and is instructing in a few different locations.

You can find classes with Capoeira In The Valley and Shira Winitzky in Woodland Hills, California and Westlake Village, California.

Visit the website for Capoeira In The Valley at for more information

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