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Shira Winitzky: Capoeira In The Valley

Capoeira In The Valley

Shira Winitzky

*Saturday July 20th 2013 from 11am until 2pm come join us for some Capoeira Fun!*

Sometime in February 2009, I began to get a little more acquainted with Contra-Mestre Parafina when I met Capoeira Los Angeles for an event at Universal City Studios.

Video Excerpt From Universal Open Roda 2009


Contra-Mestre Parafina is also known by his birth name as Amir Solsky, and he is the founder and head instructor of Capoeira Los Angeles.

And as much as I like to admire him and cheer his great skill, character and organization, there is a hidden, beautiful gem sparkling in the light of all this.

Meet Shira Winitzky – capoeira teacher for Capoeira in the Valley and a phenomenal player of the game under the supervision of Contra-Mestre Parafina.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shira at the same 2009 event at Universal City with Contra-Mestre Parafina.

Shira Winitzky was an outstanding player at that time who is also very gifted in the leading and performance of the accompanying singing and instrumentation of Capoeira.

And of course she has made astounding improvements in her Capoeira game, her personal fitness, health and her life over all.


These great accomplishments in life and Capoeira are a few of the many things that Shira Winitzky has done to earn her place as capoeira teacher for Capoeira in the Valley.

Becoming a teacher in Capoeira while having the blessing of a Mestre or Contra-Mestre is a great honor. And Shira has dedicated herself to be well deserving of it.

And so to commemorate this honor and raise awareness about these accomplishments and just to plain ‘ol have fun, there’s gonna be a potluck party!

I am definitely going to be there and we invite you to come out and meet Shira Winitzky, and learn more about how Capoeira has dramatically changed her life for the best!

And you may even find out about, reveal and unleash your hidden potential as well. I know that Capoeira has changed my life and made it so much more awesome!


This may turn out to be a life changing event for you in some way, shape or form! I know that every time I connect with Capoeira Los Angeles, Amir Solsky, Shira Winitzky or any of their crew, I at least feel like family and have lot’s of fun!

And having fun with amazing people who will lift you up and inspire you in this world is definitely a life changing experience every time!

*Saturday July 20th 2013 from 11am until 2pm come join us for some Capoeira Fun!*

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