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Becoming Super-Human through Toxin Elimination and Nutrition — 6 Comments

  1. So inspiring and encouraging! Helpful to see that we are not doomed by the self destruction of our human family. Thank you for teaching that through simple actions, the miracles of the universe may heal us and take us to new heights!

  2. I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time… however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals and even when i thought i was an avid reader hehe.  I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues. Great stuff as usual

  3. Every person is exposed to toxic metals to some degree. The retention of these toxic metals, however, is dependent upon the individual’s susceptability. The balance of the protective nutrient minerals within the body in relation to the heavy metals can frequently be the determining factor to this susceptibility. As an example, the accumulation of lead will have a more detrimental effect upon body chemistry when sufficient levels of calcium and iron are not available. By examining the toxic metal levels in relation to the protective minerals, the extent to which the heavy metals may be involved in abnormal chemistry can frequently be seen.
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  4. This is something that has always fascinated me, we are a product of our environment, there is so much potential in our bodies that is held back by our toxic environment and largely uneventful lifestyles (people sitting watching tv all day and night).

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