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Techniques and Philosophy: Hypnosis and Metaphysics

Hypnosis and Metaphysics

Techniques and Philosophy

(Exercising Your Mind) As I have recently been corresponding with a new friend in Toronto, Canada through e mail, I was asked to elaborate a little on Hypnosis and Metaphysics.

She asked “…is hypnosis a psychological means of effecting positive behaviour in an individual?”

My response:

Hypnosis is a psychological means at effecting ANY behavior in an individual.

For good or bad.

Unfortunately the schools that teach it for clinical means only say it can be used for good…

While the media and general public either think it is useless or is all bad and used for negative brain washing.

I first got involved with hypnosis many years ago when I read a book called “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

In this book he writes about Autosuggestion as made popular by a Psychologist named Émile Coué who was born in Troyes, France 1857 and died in Nancy, France 1926.

Interestingly, Germany and France are the progenitors of hypnosis as we know it today by the German Physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 – 1815) (mesmerized) and further developed by French Aristocrat Amand-Marie-Jacques de Chastenet, Marquis de Puységur (1751 – 1825)

After that she commented:

Hakeem, your work in hypnotherapy and metaphysics, which I know absolutely nothing about, seems fascinating…

To which I responded:

Regarding hypnosis and metaphysics, to me they are two sides of the same coin.

They are really just mental techniques (hypnosis) based on philosophy (metaphysics) used to alter belief systems in ways that help people get the results they desire.

The purposes of sharing this interaction is to offer a review of some of the early, key players in the development of hypnosis, as well as continuing to deliver my unique perspective on hypnosis.

The latest development of my own understanding being that hypnosis is really the name of the set of techniques used to access a particularly suggestible state of mind.

And the next thing being my new understanding that metaphysics is really the philosophy that forms the foundation of understanding that changes of mind can effect changes in behaviour and outcomes.

Because the hyper-suggestible state of mind can be triggered by many things, including meditation, listening to music, advertising, smoking marijuana, emotional and physical trauma, reading, day dreaming low blood sugar, sexual arousal, watching television, exercise, and the entering into and awakening from sleep.

But hypnosis is actually a very specific set of techniques that may or may not necessarily employ any of these triggers I have just shared.

In essence, the way that I practice hypnosis is to apply this understanding as a form of mental hygiene.

Meanwhile, metaphysics is THE foundation of philosophy, and provides the rationale for why such mental hygiene is even necessary.

Always looking for ways to simplify things, I am incorporating the often vilified practice of confirmation bias to use only the parts of the definitions of hypnosis and metaphysics that support my goals.

These goals are to be the best version of myself, reflect upon how I am becoming better and better in every way, day by day, and how I can most effectively share this understanding with others who are on similar paths.

In this way I can truly assure that everyone that I meet and come to know will be better for having met me and known me.

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