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How To Tune Your Brain In To Receive The Channels Of Success 0

To Receive The Channels Of Success 0

How To Tune Your Brain In

(Exercising Your Mind) Because you are here reading this, it is obvious that you understand how much you need to tune your brain in to receive success.

So that more than just owning the things you want in your life within your mind, you must take the time now to write at least three things you really want to experience in your life as success.

Be sure to use a pen or pencil and paper as you go ahead now and write your 3-success goals.

READ Part 1:The Channels Of Success

But before you go on, make sure that you have read all of Part 1, to get up to speed, and then come back to this article that you will also read it completely.

Now that you have caught up and are fully tuning in, you are ready to receive the channels of success.

And in just a little bit, you will learn exactly HOW TO write down 3-things you really want, so that you will be more sure that you receive what you want.

In Part 1, I shared with you the fact that when you take ownership of something, your focus on that thing becomes more intense, and you tend to see that thing everywhere.

This is because you recognize it as YOURS.

Let’s just imagine that you really want to earn an extra one-thousand dollars next month, but because you have not done that before, you are not sure how to.

The way that you can find out how to make it happen, is by taking ownership of it in a way that your brain is activated into reverse planning the earning of that $1,000 next month to you right now.

You take ownership in the form of a question to yourself that your brain has no other choice except to answer the question.

And to make it even more real, you must write the question down with pen or pencil on paper.

[3-Questions for 3-Things You Really Want]

When you ask yourself “What will I do with the extra one-thousand dollars I’ll earn next month?”, is making it a fact that you will have it by asking what you’re going to do with it.

When your brain answers the question, it is assuming that it is a fact you will earn an extra $1,000 next month.

So if you are a person who always gets up right away when the alarm goes off in the morning, you will very surely understand how this works.

It works just like if you asked yourself the question, “What will I do when my alarm goes off in the morning?”

You KNOW the answer.

You will wake up of course.

Because you always do.

And if an extra one-thousand dollars is too small of a number to earn next month, you can easily substitute the amount in your question with $3,000, $7,000, $10,000, $50,000; or whatever works.

What matters most is to be sure that you ask yourself “What will I DO with the extra earnings?”

Are you one of the thousands of people who will receive the success they want by taking ownership of what you desire by asking yourself the right questions?

Well, now that you have read this, it is clear that you realize that you must receive the success that you want when you ask yourself the right questions.

And the more you understand how to ask yourself the right questions, the more you’ll receive the channels of success, and experience life exactly how you decide for it to be.

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