How To Tune Your Brain In To Receive The Channels Of Success

To Receive The Channels Of Success

How To Tune Your Brain In

(Exercising Your Mind) To receive the channels of success, read every word of this, because I will explain exactly how to tune your brain in.

Have you recently got a new pair of shoes, some new clothes, or even a new car?

Right after that you started seeing other people with the same shoes, clothes, and car!

But this is not because there are a bunch of copycats who all of a sudden decided to get the same stuff as you did.

And most of the time, these things are the same colors too.

What is really happening is that a certain part of your brain is making you more aware of these things.

Before, you were not tuned in to these things because this special part of your brain was allowing you to ignore them.

You can learn how to tune your brain in to receive almost anything.

You can tune your brain in to receive the channels of success!

Every second of every day your brain is getting thousands of messages.

But your brain only focuses in on a certain few bits of information and messages that it chooses to be most important.

The things that your brain focuses on makes it more receptive to other things that are just like it.

That is way it looks like all of a sudden everyone decide to go out and buy the same shoes, clothes, or car.

Everything else is not being labeled as being so important and is being filtered out, while more of what you have is being allowed to pass in.

It is like an ownership mechanism.

A way to keep track of your stuff.

This is the way that you recognize what is yours, so that you can preserve, protect, and keep it as part of your experience for as long as you want it to be.

Now just imaging if you could “trick” your brain into thinking that success, wealth, prosperity, and riches belong to you?

Do you understand where I am gong with this?

Just like with your shoes, clothes, and car; you can tune your brain in to the ownership of the truly great success that you really want.

  • It is possible that you do not have the shoes that you want.

Then own the shoes in your mind.

  • You might not have the clothes that you want.

Then own the clothes in your mind.

  • Maybe you do not have the car that you want, or any car at all.

Then own the car in your mind.

By taking ownership of what you want in your mind, and believing it to be yours, just as if you had gone out to buy it yourself already; you tune in your brain to see more of it.

This means you are actually tuned in to the opportunities to have what you want when you see it everywhere.

This is what it means to open up your mind to the possibilities.

How To Tune Your Brain

  • If you want a certain pair of shoes, then imagine the shoes with your sight, touch, and other senses involved as you go in to the store, give the person at the register the payment, then walk out pleased.
  • If you want some new clothes, imagine the exact clothes you want; imagine the fitting process; imagine paying for the clothes, and imagine leaving the shop with them on or in a shopping bag.
  • If you want a new car, then you imagine the type of car, the color, the sound of the engine, the dealership you get it from, imagine paying for the car and driving away with the car.

There is a little bit more to this, and I will share that next time, so check back soon.

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