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The Great Hypnosis War: To Liberate Or Enslave

To Liberate Or Enslave

The Great Hypnosis War

(Exercising Your Mind) Everything that you experience is effected by this thing called “HYPNOSIS”.

As you read this all the way to the end, and choose to believe the truth of what I am sharing with you, one of the secrets to unlocking your mind will instantly be in your command.

There is a Great Hypnosis War, and it is the war for your mind.

It is a war that you can win (Peacefully).

If your mind is ever changed by someone you speak to, when you learn something new, and especially if your behavior is changed because your beliefs are changed; then you have been hypnotized.

Deny this at your own risk of forever remaining an ignorant slave.

I am sure it is bliss.

And you can go on being as you are.

It must be easier that way I am sure, and this might be OK with you to remain plugged in to an illusion.

There is only one problem with all of this:

  1. You are not aware that you are being hypnotized.

At least if you would admit it and know, then you can decide for yourself if ignorance really is bliss.

But you can not make that decision if you are not even given that choice.

More than that, you do not know who is hypnotizing you, why they are hypnotizing you, how they are hypnotizing you, or when you are being hypnotized.

But I do, and I can show you how to make this clear for yourself.

What are you being hypnotized by?

Oh, you don’t know?

This is because you do not know what to look out for.

You have been hypnotized with the belief that you do not need to “look out” for anything.

Allow me to be the first to admit that I openly hypnotize almost everyone that I meet, every day.

You must know that I am hypnotizing you now as you read this article.

I have no problem with this fact, and know that it is completely OK to do.

Because I have decided that everyone who meets me, and gets to know me will be better for having met me and known me.

But not everyone skilled in the art and science of hypnosis play nice like this.

For some reason, not everyone uses hypnosis for the purpose of making themselves and other people better.

But that is really none of my business.

My business and life is that of making myself better, and because of this, I make other people better.

And this is the foundation of The Great Hypnosis War.

It is really a simple story of Good versus Evil.

There are some who wish to enslave (none of my business)

And then there is me, who makes it my business and life to be a liberator.

Because the way I practice hypnosis is by handing you the Keys to the Kingdom of Your Own Mind.

This is a choice I made after realizing I was a slave, and needed to free myself.

I am not sure if I was 12-Years A Slave; or how long really, probably much longer – but I am working on freedom.

As I shared before, I am openly hypnotizing you.

I am changing your belief system by helping you to understand that hypnosis actually exists, is very real, and works very much on everyone.

If you do not know you are being hypnotized, and how it works, it can be used against you and makes you very much like a robot who is not self determined.

But when you do know that you can be hypnotized; that you are being hypnotized, and then you learn Self-Hypnosis to hypnotize yourself, everything changes.

Because now you are the one doing the programming and choosing what you allow into your mind.

Now you are more self-determined.

It is not that you can or can not be hypnotized.

You can be and probably are.

What really matters is that you know this fact, and choose to take responsibility for what you allow yourself to be hypnotized by.

You have read this article all the way to the end, and have chosen to believe that you have the ultimate power over your own mind and life when you know how it works.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf

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