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The Biggest, Hidden Danger About Hypnosis In Our Society

Hypnosis In Our Society

The Biggest, Hidden Danger

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(Exercising Your Mind) There is a hidden danger about hypnosis in our society that almost no one is aware of.

My training as a Master Hypnotist in College first turned me on to this fact, and I have been exploring it ever since.

It is one of the biggest problems with hypnosis, yet it is very rarely spoken about or shared.

Because of this, so many people fall victim to deceptive practices when hypnosis is used to get the best of them, and they don’t even know it is happening.

Sometimes they never do.

But there is a very simple solution to this problem.

And I am going to share it with you in just a moment.

You have to make sure that you read every word of this document, so that you can be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem.

By reading every word, you are making sure that you transform your understanding of this issue, or even learning that it exists for the first time.

Most likely, you did not even know that there was a big danger with hypnosis in our society.

This is because it has been hidden in plain sight, making it one of the greatest tricks ever played on the world.

Hypnosis was accepted for use by The American Psychological, and The American Medical Association in 1958, due to the work of a Psychiatrist named Milton Erickson.

But a lot of people still do not accept it as a valid science of the mind, and dismiss it as simply a game to be played on stage for a show.

This fact is what puts so many people to sleep, about what hypnosis really is.

And this is probably one of the reasons that Hypnosis gets its name from the God of Sleep.

So that if you can imagine being in bed sleeping, and then someone sneaks up on you with bad intentions.

You would not be prepared for what could happen, and most likely be a victim.

But if you were wide awake, and alert, you have a much better chance of defending yourself.

And this is the hidden danger of hypnosis.

The fact that so many people have been put to sleep about the truth of its power.

People are told it does not work, or it does not exist.

So that if we are not concerned that it is real, why would we care to learn how to be ready for it?

If you think that something is not a threat, you do not defend against it.

Especially if you believe it can do nothing to you, or get you to do anything.

It is not that hypnosis is a bad thing, what is bad is the deceptive intent of how it is sometimes used.

And that belief system that it is not effective, or that you can’t be hypnotized, is a deceptive or bad use of hypnosis because it takes down your guard.

So you never learn about the structure of hypnotic trances or the subconscious mind.

This way, not only can you be controlled without knowing, but you also miss out on a very powerful tool for mental hygiene, and higher potential.

And this is the biggest, and hidden danger of hypnosis.

It is the very fact that you can be hypnotized, and very often are, but have not been given an opportunity to discover the deeper motivations for your thoughts and behavior.

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