Use Art And Music As A Tool For Addiction Recovery

Use Art And Music  As A Tool For Addiction Recovery By Monica Smith It has been known for a long time that creative endeavor is good for you: the benefits include improved mental health, cognitive function and even physical well-being. But while … Continue reading

Notes On A.C.I.D.

(Hakeem Alexander) I have practiced, and documented peaks in ‘performance’ and momentous manifestations of previously undiscovered skills that last, in several disciplines such as: creative writing and poetry, drawing and other visual arts, musical instruments, and singing, dancing and … Continue reading

William Robert Brun: May Your Muse Love You All Your Life

This was an impromptu session to 6 people including William Robert Brun of course, after the musicians on stage were done and everyone was socializing it up and drinking.

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Stumbling Upon M.A.M.A. Earth: Music, Art And Culture For A Beautiful World

Women and children. They must be mamas! At least a few of them. This is a M.A.M.A. Earth event! M.A.M.A is an acronym for Mothers About Making Amends.

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A.C.I.D.: Artistic, Creative, Intuitive Development

You don’t need anyone else but yourself to decide what this sequence is, but seeking advice from other sources may prove beneficial if you feel stuck.

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