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3 Competitive Jobs That Veterans Will Excel At

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By Carla Lopez

If you’re in the process of launching a new business, you already know that hiring is a vital component of your business plan. You’re looking for employees who are dedicated, organized, and competent — and that’s why veterans are the obvious option. According to research, there are 19 million veterans in the U.S., and there are many benefits that hiring these job seekers can bring to your business. Benefits include potential tax credits, reliability, and superior productivity. If your business is hiring for any of the following three jobs, a veteran may be the best candidate.

1. Manufacturing Worker

An acute sense of order is one of the many unique skills that a veteran brings to the job. Basic training and deployment will instill veterans with this order, and it can be an asset in industrial work environments such as manufacturing. The repetition of the work may bother some workers, but veterans will enjoy the order and structure that it provides.

2. Law Enforcement Officer

Many people join the military because they have a strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong — so it’s unsurprising that many of these people also join the ranks of law enforcement after their service is over. Indeed, the structure and responsibility that this job demands makes it a great fit for returning veterans.

3. Data Analyst

Another unique skill that veterans can provide is the ability to recognize and analyze patterns in data. This comes from studying tactical plans and developing combat strategies. Veterans can apply these skills by working as a data analyst and providing businesses with unique insights.

General Tips for New Business Owners

Even if you aren’t hiring for one of these three positions, a veteran could be the right choice for your business. You can foster veterans’ growth in your business by offering more responsibilities and advancement opportunities. Maintaining a successful business is all about strategy, and hiring a veteran is a strategic move.

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Find Veterans by Marketing on Social Media

If you’re not sure where to recruit veterans, you can start on social media. Posting an ad on Facebook, for example, can get your job opportunity in front of a wider audience. You may catch their attention even more effectively by adding an attractive graphic to the ad. You can use a Facebook ad maker to customize a template, add a logo, and choose the fonts and colors. Once you’re done customizing it, you can immediately download it and post it on Facebook.

Build a Stronger Business By Hiring Veterans Hiring a veteran is a great way to build a stronger business. You rely on your staff to keep your business going, and when you have veterans at the helm, you can be sure that they’re handling business effectively. You can take advantage of veterans’ unique skills and unparalleled work ethic by recruiting them on social media. Be sure to provide them with opportunities for growth so that you can take advantage of their full potential.

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