Factors that may Change Paranormal Sensing Ability

By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) There are many factors why your paranormal experiences may be altered or apparently “lost”. One possibility is because a psychic block may have been placed on you by a well meaning person you have confided in. Perhaps they have prayed or conducted some ritual without your knowledge in order to protect or shield you from these experiences. This could be due to their spiritual beliefs that it is not good for you to have these experiences.

Next, perhaps an otherworldly entity or group of entities has created the psychic block to help or hinder you. This may even happen if you have subtly or radically shifted your faith or spiritual beliefs. But there are many physical factors as well.

I am not assuming anything here, but simply exploring the possibilities to address the matter of lost or displaced psychic abilities or paranormal sensing capabilities.

If you have started taking any prescription medications, specifically central nervous system augmenters such as sleeping pills, anti-anxiety, mood-stabilizers, anti-seizure or others, is a possibility.

Recreational drugs such as marijuana definitely remove dream experiences and many abilities to contact the paranormal. The reverse is also true. If you have STOPPED using any medications, drugs, or alcohol, this may have an effect on your abilities to sense or see otherworldly entities.

Another physical reason may be a change in stress levels which may change the electromagnetic environment of your neuro-processing centers. Even certain appliances or mobile devices such as a new wireless modem, new cell phone, or moving from an area that had the right electro-magnetic grid or hot-spot for your sensing, may all have effected this change.

Have you stopped or started an exercise program? Changed the type or amount of vitamins you have been taking?

This all may seem like purely physical, normal  matters when you are speaking of the paranormal and metaphysical. However, you must keep in mind that the way you see or sense these things is because the signals are being interpreted and processed in order for you to experience them and recall them. This is a very similar process that we must interpret nd translate sound waves vibrating oxygen molecules, into electro-magnetic impulses that you then “hear” in your brain.

Overall, many of these physical, environmental or even psychic changes or blocks may be removed or overcome. By intending and praying or meditating on your psychic reception areas you may move through the “blindness” you are now experiencing. Also, your whole being may naturally re-adjust and settle into equilibrium again over time, if you stick to a location or general lifestyle.

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