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(Exercising Your Mind) Are you aware of the most common mistake that you, and most people make when not being successful?

It really can be simplified to one root cause.

Simple does not mean it is easy though.

I have before learned that too often, so many of us are looking for simple solutions to complex problems, and this is what manifests as failure.

But I understand it a little differently.

I understand because of experience in getting results, and I know from this experience that there are no complex problems.

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There are only complex ideas about our problems that we make up in our minds about them.

Then we project or force this complexity into the problems and make it seem like a messy puzzle.

The reality is that problems are created by our own ways of thinking, moving, and being.

When we continue to think of problems, then we tend to move in problematic ways, which we then have to experience as problematic being.

How can you solve something by constantly focusing on the problem, and feeling bad about it?

Complaining about the heat does nothing to cool you down while you stand in the midst of the scorching Sun, while cursing it with all of your anger.

You will only get heat-stroke much more quickly that way.

But if you obey the natural thirst for cold water, and then seek out and drink a tall glass of water filled with refreshing cubes of ice, while reclining in the shade; you will find a cool relief.

This is the way to succeed in your fitness life.

You replace your frustration, anger, and fear about not being as you would like to with a focus on how to be more healthy, well, and fit.

You think about the fun that it will be to find the right kind of games, and playful exercise that fit your personal needs, and desires.

You really have to come to the understanding that no matter what, you can achieve your fitness goals.

If any other person has ever done anything, it is very possible for you to do that thing also.

And since many other people are experiencing the health and fitness that they want, then so can you.

Our bodies are created and formed from the same stuff as everything else in the Universe.

The Universe is perfect, and does not act against itself.

Our bodies being part of the Universe are made to be perfect.

All we have to do is stop acting against ourselves, and instead act for ourselves.

Nature is Perfect, for she is part of a perfect Universe; and we are beings created by a Natural Universe.

Our part is to embody as much of this Perfection as we believe that we can in our thoughts, movement, and being…

And as much as we can think, move, and be Perfect; that is the amount of Perfection we will experience in the health and fitness of our bodies.

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Our bodies are just the physical manifestations of our consistent way of thinking.

So it is up to us to think as perfectly as we can about our health and fitness;

To imagine the most optimal health and fitness that we can;

To move as perfectly as we can practice moving;

And to be as perfectly fit and healthy as a result of this contemplation of Perfection.

Find your personal point of physical perfection right now.

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