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(Exercising Your Mind) I know you really want to learn exactly how the world’s greatest “secrets” about fitness and exercise can help you to experience the most transformational advances of your life.


I am speaking directly to you.

  • Feel Amazing
  • Look Fantastic
  • Create Momentum

Ever wonder if there is anything you can do to look and feel sexier no matter what you are wearing; or wearing nothing at all?!

What would you do if you could get out of being stuck, and have the confidence to “get it done” right now?

You have all of the secrets within you to have the best fitness you can experience; but do you know how to unlock those secrets?

For the last 20 years I have proven to hundreds of people just like you, exactly how to enjoy incredible physical transformations.

At last, you can experience staggering inner-drive, a healthy dose of highly-motivating self-confidence, and the clarity of focus to map out exactly how to apply your newly discovered powers.

Finally, you can have personal access to three of the world’s most powerful techniques, combined into one genius, ultra-fitness advancement system!

Keep reading to learn more…

How would you like to:

  1. Be able to make clear, and accurate decisions based on exactly what your goals are?
  2. Have fluid, bliss-filled movement throughout your every day activities?
  3. Boost endurance, Power, & Flexibility for sports or breaking past your own personal records?
  •  Or, what are your personal goals, plans, and dreams for your fitness and health?

If you have not yet thought deeply about this, how will you ever get anywhere?

Good for you though, this is one of the things that I will definitely be able to help you figure out – knowing where you want to be, and exactly how you can get there.

Most importantly, knowing that you CAN get to where you want to go!

The three powerful techniques that we will explore together on your journey to the best yet, are Hypnosis, Yoga, and Capoeira.

I know you may not be able to pronounce one or two of these, and you may not have ever heard of, or know much about them.

But these are the things that I have a lot of experience getting results for myself, and for lots of other people, for many, many years.

Here are a few details below. But in order to get the full story of just how you can put these things to work in your own life, you can always give me a call at 818.430-5441


(Exercising Your Mind)

The process of Hypnotic Induction and the practical applications of the other Behavioral Science methods I have learned in College for Hypnosis, are used to create the optimum, mental environment for Motivational Meditation.

Dream Action Yoga (DAY)

(Exposing The Conditioned Personality)

The practice of yoga is used as a unique way to bridge the mental techniques of motivation based on hypnosis, and the more intense action in martial arts in a seamless manner. Dream Action Yoga fuses both static and active physical concepts with meditation (PhysioMeditation)


(The Only War To Wage Is Within)

The African-Brazilian art-form of Capoeira is mined as a foundation for the strength, rhythm, speed, flexibility, and endurance potential; found in the infinite arsenal of body movements it provides in a dynamic structure.


So now that you are ready to be sexier inside and out; more confident than ever before because you have real skills; and the most-fit that you can be – take this most important step and allow me to help you re-create yourself in exactly the way you may have imagined.

Call 818.430-5441, and / or e mail me to schedule an appointment by phone or in-person for a FREE consultation, or to get started with your transformational sessions right now.

This program can be delivered completely by phone, in-person,  or a combination of these. (This is one of the revolutionary secrets about this powerful combination!).

Special introductory package – 3 Personalized Sessions for $100.00 – 818.430-5441

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3 Personalized Sessions for $100.00

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