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Hypnosis is a Metaphysical Truth

(Exercising Your Mind) It has been a life-long struggle for me to get right in my head.

For a while I did not like the name Hakeem Alexander.

But the point of what I am sharing with you here right now is not my absolute LOVE of my own name…

… it is the fact that we can overcome all obstacles and challenges, even when it seems like we have been defeated.

Even when it seems like it is too late.

Hakeem Alexander Wealth Attraction

Because many conventional, and mainstream standards will attempt to control or modify our behavior by creating beliefs in us that do not serve us well.

And from my personal experience, whatever groups, organizations, forces or powers that are behind these ideas, have been very successful to a certain degree.

This is because we are very much influenced by all of the things that we experience around us in the environments of our physical world, and our metaphysical minds.

So that even though it is not simple or easy in the normal use of those words to take command of our lives; we can become more skilled, and powerful so that to us, these challenges feel simple and easy to overcome.

I have been discovering that the more we move beyond just focusing on the physical world around us, we become more creative by realizing that all is one.

More than just fairy-dust; the metaphysical and physical worlds are one and the same.

Metaphysics simply names those things we have not yet found an exact scientific method to measure, and put to use as engineering and technology.

In my last PodCast, I share with you some proof from my own life, about how certain metaphysical practices can actually predict, control or modify our reality.

But we have to pay attention to what is going on.

I called that PodCast “Creating Wealth With Dreams And Numerology“; and although I meant to also cover how to use physical Martial Arts in that broadcast, I decided to cover it more fully in Part 2.

In Part 2, which will air on April 4th, during the Full Moon, on; I will go into more specific details about using a dream-type of hypnosis, and Martial Arts.

I will also cover more stories from my own life about the reality of metaphysical practices, and the events that they predicted, modified, and controlled for the benefit of my life in many ways.

The main point of all of this is that Hypnosis is a Metaphysical Truth.

It is no accident that I enrolled and graduated from America’s First Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy.

Nothing that has manifested in my life has been by accident.

Everything has been intentionally created by my dominant thoughts; even those I have not been aware of.

And because of the greater awareness I am now growing into every day, I am now in a very able position to guide you into the realization of greater independence and [power] in your own life.

Please stay tuned…

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