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Wake Up Now 3

3 Wake Up Now

(Exercising Your Mind) There is no one approach to achieving your goals that works for everyone.

This is of course, because not everyone wants exactly the same thing.

So it stands up to reason that we should not all do the exact same things in order to get the results that we want, or else we are just clones of a sort.

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Of course there are systems, and certain practices that are more successful for the majority of people than others.

But to consider that there is only one single way for all is to fall under a very strange kind of spell.

What really matters is whether or not we get the results that we want.

I can say in general to Wake Up Now for example; but how to wake up may be as many different things as there are people who wish to wake up.

The goal of Clinical Hypnosis is to help the client to free themselves from whatever problems they wish to be liberated from.

How that happens, so long as it is ethical and responsible, does not matter in my opinion.

When I was doing my Clinical Residency at the College of Hypnotherapy, my first two clients in the clinic requested “Past Life Hypnosis“.

I did not at the time know what to think of these requests, but the training I received inspired me with enough confidence to accept any, and all challenges.

Even using hypnosis has many different approaches to guiding someone into the highly-suggestible, trance-like state, that is favorable for giving helpful suggestions that are accepted without resistance.

So, since these first two clients desired to explore their past lives to resolve their issues in the present, I accepted the challenge, and moved forward with the sessions.

One of these clients was having troubles with a parent.

In the past life, they were able to witness the the beginning of these trouble that started hundreds of years ago.

Using one of my favorite methods called “Systematic Desensitization“, I helped the client to change the way that they were relating to their parent from being destructive to more constructive.

The other client was having issues with sleeping, and over-eating of all kinds of foods.

While exploring their past life with them, the client witnessed the cause of both of these two issues.

By using another one of my favorite methods called the “Paris Window“, I was also able to help this client by getting better sleep, and eating in a more healthy way.

The most interesting part about all of this is that they explored their relationships with themselves, another person, and things like food in a past life situation.

Doing this, they were able to change their physical behavior in the present.

And both of them only required one-session each that lasted for 90-minutes!

It was reported to me by both of them that as soon as they were in the situations again that gave them trouble in the past, they were now acting more responsibly in the present.

Another interesting part, which I find very fascinating; is what happened at certain moments during the sessions when I had my eyes closed.

As I asked them questions about what they were seeing, I immediately saw images – that they then told me they were seeing!

I saw these picture of the past-life environment they were in BEFORE they told me what they saw.

This is even more amazing because I do not know what to make of this whole past-life business.

I just went along with their requests, and used my incredible training, to get them the results they wanted.

I simply showed them that they had the ability to Wake Up Now in the present, and take an active role in what was happening; rather than allowing the past to unconsciously control them.

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