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The Best Hypnosis Program In Southern California 4

In Southern California 4

The Best Hypnosis Program

(Exercising Your Mind) Everyone should be taught what hypnosis really is.

It is really just another label for the science of consciousness.

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The model that this label is founded on gives us the understanding that the most important part of our consciousness is our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is really the store house of our true intentions.

If our conscious mind intentions on the surface do not align with the intentions of the subconscious mind, then the conscious will mostly lose.

This is a situation that is called having a subconscious counter-intention.

Because it is opposed, or at least different from what our conscious mind thinks that we want, when in subconscious reality, what we want may be different.

It may be so different that it is counter to what we think with our conscious minds that we want, and this causes a type of interference that makes difficulty.

The difficulty is in getting the results that our conscious minds want, because our behavior is really being guided by the subconscious.

And if these two things are different, you can understand why it may take much longer to get what we consciously want.

This is equal to making our dominant thought come to life.

When our subconscious is in alignment with our conscious minds, then we will get what we want much ore quickly, if not immediately.

This is the state of dominant thought, and it is only achieved when we understand what hypnosis really is, so that we can empower ourselves.

Otherwise, for the most part, because of our environment, we go about life conflicted about what we truly desire.

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