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The Best Hypnosis Program

(Exercising Your Mind) A few very important distinctions, or things that make the types of hypnosis different, have been clarified for me more deeply just recently.

There is the destructive brainwashing, and the constructive influence.

One of the main differences being the intent of who is using the mental methods.

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A more important difference is the effect that it has on the person or people who are being hypnotized when these hypnotic methods are used.

One effect is that the people being hypnotized can have the destructive effect of having their self-determinism taken away from them.

The effect that is most favorable to me, and the effect that I am inspired to guide people into, is the effect of allowing them to be awakened to more self-determinism.

The more that a person or organization has the intent to enslave the mind of a person or the minds of the masses, much more maintenance is needed.

And of course, I am certainly suggesting that when your intent is to allow others to have as much personal freedom as possible, less maintenance is needed.

Less Is More.

Less freedom is More maintenance.

Less maintenance is More freedom.

It takes a lot more effort to destroy the freedom of the people than it does to allow them to just live freely.

And there is so much effort to enslave as I have been observing for so long.

But while I have been observing, it has not been from the sidelines.

Instead I have been an active participant, planting the seeds of liberation along my own journey of personal freedom.

Understanding that it is a great idea to be the change that I want to see in the world, all I have been doing is changing myself.

Because the act of personal transformation is much more powerful than a superficial stance that just dictates from the sidelines.

Without the need to impose authority, it has been granted to me, because it has been known that my intentions are to uplift and inspire.

Even when I have made mistakes, allowed myself to look foolish, and even caused myself significant inconvenience along the way, everyone knows my heart.

Because your heart is not something that can be faked.

Even if no one else knows what you are up to, which is delusional to think, you will always know what you are up to.

And if you have a conscience, life will either be a heaven or a hell for you, depending on your intentions, and how honest you have been about them.

So that no matter where your heart really is, you will send out a powerful attraction to others, that goes far beyond a simple surface illusion.

Those that are in tune with your reality will allow your influence to become a part of them.

Which creates an effortless flow of persuasion, that allows others to have more self-determinism; by openly giving them the choice to accept or reject.

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