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Traffic Is Irrelevant If You Don’t Know How To Sell Stuff

If You Don’t Know How To Sell Stuff

Traffic Is Irrelevant

(Exercising Your Mind) You can know how to talk; you can take massive action, you can know how to create personal momentum, and make things happen in your immediate environment; but if you do not know how to sell stuff, you will have no money and be broke.

There are so many things that you and I are very, very good at. We may be great athletes, passionate writers, talented musicians, influential hypnotists, and visionary metaphysicians; but if we don’t know how to sell stuff, we will have no money and be broke.

How To Make A Whole Lot Of Money

You may not have any idea what you are doing wrong if you are experiencing being stuck in your life and / or your business.

I do what I am doing because I have always wanted to be the kind of person that people feel inspired and motivated by.

Even though my parents were not right for each other after all, they were definitely the perfect parents for me and my brothers and sisters.

I know this because I always felt supported and encouraged by my parents.

All of the trouble that I got into, was trouble that I got myself into.

All of the successes and talents that I possess were because of the encouragement from my parents.

And this is the way to make a lot of money. By adopting “parents” that will teach you how to make a lot of money because they are making a lot of money.

I love to talk about money and financial success a lot because I have determined that this is the way for me and a whole lot of other people to achieve the life of their dreams.

Breaking State

If California has a big enough earthquake, then the state may very well break, and fall of into the ocean. Could this really happen? Not so sure, but it may be possible.

But this is not the Breaking State that I am referring to here, although I am sure that you were wondering what earthquakes have to do with making sales and attracting money.

The point is that often we are walking around in a trance-state and are unaware that we are. Just like we may be stuck in a state of being broke and poor.

But when we find, and listen to the advice of mentors who are actually, truly, and really successful with money, finances, and business; we break that poverty state.

The result of breaking out of the unwanted trance state is that we can then replace it with the state of wealth, success, riches, prosperity, and abundance of money.

Traffic is Irrelevant

The benefits to you when you know that traffic alone is irrelevant, is that you can break that failed state, and replaced it with a state of success and earn more money with less or the same effort!

By myself, my traffic was already pretty good. Out of 650-million domains, I was ranked in the top 15-million in the world.

But this was not making me any money.

I was paying a lot of money every month just to keep my websites and blogs on the internet. I was in the red zone; meaning I was paying more money than I was making.

Because I was not making any money from my online presence. So any money paid to keep me online was always a loss.

But then I found the right teachers, coaches and mentors (parents); that guided and showed me the way to attract and earn money on the internet.

Know How To Sell Stuff

You have to understand the benefit of knowing how to sell stuff. because all of us really have stuff. And if we can get people to buy the stuff that we have, then we become richer.

Now I only want to become richer by giving people something that is actually valuable to them. And this really has to do with the concept of supply and demand.

My presence in the world has been optimized in a way that I consistently attract people that resonate with the type of things that I am supplying.

This is because these are the things that they have been demanding. What people are looking for, or demanding, is what is valuable to them.

And if you can supply what people are demanding, then you are giving them value, and can exchange with them what you want for what they want.

What is it that you want? Have you figured that out?

Most likely, if you are reading this, then you probably want to be more successful in some way. Chances are that you have some stuff to sell.

But maybe you have not gotten the results that you have desired because you do not know how to sell the stuff that you have to sell.

Well, it just so happens that I can help you with that. I can help you to earn more money in your personal and your business life.

I can do this because I have learned how to get myself out of the way and direct you to the resources of financially successful and wealthy mentors that are making a lot of money.

You can really do what you love and have money follow you. I know this because I love to blog. And because of my blogging, I have attracted money by using this system to have money follow me.

Is there something that you love doing, and would love to make money by continuing to do it in a Certain Way that will attract money to you?


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