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44 Years In Space: The July 20th 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The July 20th 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing

44 Years In Space

This is just a journey into the wonders and mysteries of the human mind and how we find what we seek and attract into our reality. Numerals and Numbers.

Jeff Bezos rescued rockets

It is interesting that the first photo I took when I walked outside on the day that the Santa Monica shooter killed 4 people was of a door with the numbers 2044.

Door 2044

Also interesting that the first message I got that morning was from my friend Alex, who’s email ends with 44 because it is a number special to her.

Interesting that the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus number 44 just happened to be the first thing I saw at the stop sign on the corner of Stewart and Kansas the next morning.

This just happened to be right in front of door 2044.

Interesting that Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to set foot on the Moon was buried on August 31st 2012 (8-31-2012) during a “Blue Moon” and  8+31+2+0+1+2=44.

But to step away from the 44 a bit. Note how the Moon is 33% of full at 3:17pm EST or 12:17 PST at the exact moment when Apollo 11 landed. Maybe 11+33=44?

1969 Moon Phase

But of course this is all just a big stretch of my very overactive imagination right?

Like when I was trying to send a message to my friend Alex-44 and looked up a SlipKnot song on YouTube called “The Nameless” and saw this fluke?

YouTube SlipKnot 44 years

Which of course has been corrected by now. But did you also notice the time-stamp I took the screen shot? It was in no way intentional and I only caught on a few days later.

Or what about the police cruiser I did a back-flip off of? It was just there for the flipping. And once again did not notice the number until after footage review.

And of course it would not be complete without other people being in on it. Especially those connected with the numeral 44. Alex calls it “funny timing”.

See Alex 44 screen shot [content missing]

A few days before this “funny timing, I met up with the amazing, local Southern California author of “Devil Country” – Craig Spivek.

This was on June 5th just a few days before the Santa Monica incident and I was telling him about the wonderful 44′s that have been haunting me.

As we were discussing this, a Cadillac that had a license plate ending in 44 parked directly in front of the window where we were seated in Starbucks, Northridge.

Caddy 44

I intentionally smeared out the rest of the plate for privacy of the owner. Craig did not think this was all that mystical. But then he got up yo use the restroom.

As he did that I went to re-fill my coffee one last time because it was near the 10pm closing time. The receipt I was handed pleasantly startled me.

44 receipt

The next day completely unplanned, while subbing a class for my friends Erin Fukuda and Andrew Gavigan at Vubiquity in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, I ran into Craig again.

And the next day, I bumped into Craig Spivek once again without being planned in Santa Monica on the day that the tragic events occurred.

The same day I awoke to the text from Alex and photographed the door with the numerals 2044.

The very next day was the day that I Stumbled Upon M.A.M.A. Earth.

Right now I have to collect my thoughts at the risk of my excitement causing me to write incoherently. Or maybe it is just the 3rd cup of Italian Roast.

As a cliff-hanger, today I was at an event with Shira Winitzky, Amir Solsky, and an amazing group from Capoeira Los Angeles and Capoeira in the Valley.

This awesome group photo was taken by the pro photographer who was there to document the gathering.

Capoeira in the Valley group photo

It just so happens that the time code of the details for this picture reads 20130720_141244 or 2013, July 20th, 2:12pm and 44-seconds.

To Be Continued…


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