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Stumbling Upon M.A.M.A. Earth: Music, Art And Culture For A Beautiful World

Music, Art And Culture For A Beautiful World

Stumbling Upon M.A.M.A. Earth

I am not usually clumsy so I rarely stumble over or upon anything in the most literal sense of the word. But I do roam the Earth and explore for new adventures often.

It all started with my brother interrupting my recording session by calling my Galaxy SIII phone. I was disturbed and walked back to his place because I was overdressed and it was hot.

On the way back I saw some bird poop on the ground that reminded me of the hump-backed flute-playing, fertility god Kokopelli.

I contemplated that I am quite an odd fellow because people see art in the clouds and here I am seeing deities in bird droppings.

But I was amused and thought I might be on to something. Or maybe it was a dancing witch with a sword? Who knows?

I thought about launching a new form of street art and painting by hijacking bird poop designs through photos and asking people what they see; like some kind of avian-excrement Rorschach Test Art.

So what do you see?


This must have set the Universe spinning in an artsy direction for me because I was thinking art not poop. And was then compelled to go in the direction of these galleries.

It was a good turn of events for me and I am very well pleased at the outcome. I happened upon a great organization that is making good waves in this world you should know.

Take Me To Your Leader: Welcome To M.A.M.A. Earth!

One of Three Designs On My Customized T-Shirt From Today’s M.A.M.A. Earth Event!


Finding One Peace

Today as I was exploring a new route in Santa Monica, I stumbled upon a cluster of art galleries. I was gravitated towards them and could not help checking them out.


Silly me. Running around with my hoodie unzipped and showing off my finely chiseled physique, I asked this gentleman what all the beautiful ladies running around the parking lot was all about.


He was there because he had been featured in one of the pictures by a photographer who’s work was being displayed at the gallery where the event was held. He was really eager for me to see it and asked if I wanted to go in. Of course I did!

I was greeted at the front door by another magnificently beautiful creature who insisted that I check in which I did. That is where I met Suzanne “Zanne” Hollingshead. I made a donation and was given access to some goodies, including a customized t-shirt.

Suzanne “Zanne” Hollingshead is a “creative powerhouse” who helps with M.A.M.A. Earth with “outreach and event production”. She is also a bad ass in the music industry.


I walk in and there’s hot women and children everywhere. Art all over the walls of course and several different creative stations with lots of cool things to entertain and inspire.

Women and children. They must be mamas! At least a few of them. This is a M.A.M.A. Earth event! M.A.M.A is an acronym for Mothers About Making Amends.


Of course I gravitate towards the musically oriented theme art.

You should really contact M.A.M.A. Earth to find out how you can get a hold of some of these creations and to support their mission and endeavors.

The vibe is remarkably positive and constructive; and the air felt like it was literally alive with Love, acceptance, peace and beautiful change all around. I felt welcome and at home.

Everyone was so open and friendly and willing to chat and share info and get connected somehow. They were all so giving and fantastic I did not want to leave. So I stayed.

Peebles Is Good Peoples


So I’m looking at some art on the wall directly opposite the entrance. Of course I just make a straight line. And there is some abstract stuff on the wall by a kid. His last name is Van Peebles.

No sooner did I recognize that it was the son of THE Mario Van Peebles did I turn to see the man himself standing behind me. He is a warm, friendly and approachable gentleman.

Very classy human being with a quiet and reserved confidence. Proud of his son’s artwork. He was taking photos of them.

20130609_140846 20130609_141325

I thanked him for allowing me to have a shot with him and rounded the corner to check out the rest of the scene and began photographing the mob.

A gorgeous lady joyfully waved at the camera and made her presence known. it turned out to be the Andrea Miller; the Creative Director of M.A.M.A. Earth!

20130609_140146 20130609_140223

She looked busy doing Creative Director stuff but took the time out to introduce herself and find out who I was and how I got there. Once again that awesome vibe!

Speaking of amazing energy, the guy in the pink shirt and the cool, crazy hair is another out of this world artist named Shah Wonders.


This Tiffany & Co. piece by Shah Wonders was one of my favorites. I like Pink too.


A Beautiful M.A.M.A. Earth

But this would be incomplete if I didn’t introduce you to Kailani. She stands out for sure and is one of the most lovely people ever. A wonderful spirit and super beautiful!

20130609_154241 20130609_154239

Jaime Kailani Bayot happens to be the founder of M.A.M.A. Earth. Her brother is the Grammy Award Winning musician Bruno Mars.

Beyond being quite a stunner, she is also a mom of two and a highly intelligent woman who knows how to leverage star-power for a good cause!

Music, art and popular culture fused with her brother’s fame help to bring the message of positive change to audiences both locally and globally.

The Concentr8s LIVE!


Not that I needed any more reason to stay other than the fine art on the walls and walking around in living color; but then came a captivating sound.

Actually, Andrea Miller remarked her thought that The Concentr8s brought me along to jam with them because I had my guitar. Several other folks thought I might be playing too.

But they did quite fine without me and I found them to be one of the most fantastic sounds to meet my ears. This event kept becoming more and more amazing!


Fascinating Art…


I made some new friends…


And met some outstanding, world-changing people…


And left with a totally unique t-shirt, customized especially for me!

An20130609_163058 20130609_183657

There are a lot of amazing events and organizations in this world. MAMA Earth is on the top of the list of wonders making great, positive change.

I stumbled upon one of the best days of my life when I stumbled upon M.A.M.A. Earth at the “One Peace” event, earlier today, June 9th 2013!

For more information on m.a.m.a. e a r t h, to place a m.a.m.a. e a r t h wish bracelet order, please contact them at:

Or their website at

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