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HypnoAthletics Blog Increased Website Traffic For

Increased Website Traffic For

HypnoAthletics Blog

This is the fourth blog documenting how the HypnoAthletics Blog Increased Website Traffic for other websites because of SEO and Author Rank.

The previous one documented how the HypnoAthletics Blog Increased Website Traffic For

Before that, I documented how the HypnoAthletics Blog  Increased Website Traffic For

Which followed the blog about how the HypnoAthletics Blog Increased Website Traffic For

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Increased Website Traffic for your online presence can result in higher income if you have your website optimized to make insane amounts of sales.

Over the past few months I have learned a great deal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing skills that have helped me to send Increased Website Traffic to several websites through my HypnoAthletics Blog.

I first noticed this when my own website rapidly climbed from being ranked in the top 16-million most trafficked websites in the world in April 2013 to the top 900-thousand in just 90-days!

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The screen-shot above shows the website traffic according to when I took the photo on July 1st 2013 at 17:18:16 or 5:18pm according to the details on my Galaxy SIII.

At that time the site was ranked at “no rank”; traffic was very low. Then I published 2-blogs that mentioned and linked to Rafa’s Lounge.

One was about an artist named William Robert Brun whom I met at Rafa’s Lounge.

The other was about Aiyana Cadwell and her performance at Rafa’s Lounge that brought me there and was the event that put me in contact with the Mr. Brun.

Having posted two blogs linking to Rafa’s Lounge may also explain why that site jumped more rapidly than the other sites and took a higher spot even though it also had no rank.


As I expected, this Increased Website Traffic for I’ve had several experiences with this happening from my own website as I mentioned before.

I also saw that my HypnoAthletics Blog was helping to drive Increased Website Traffic to several other internet sites as well and decided to document the results as well.

As of July 10th 2013 when the second screen-shot was taken (15:26:34 or 3:26pm), is now ranked 16,573,133 according to

There are a few other websites that had no rank before I blogged about them and then suddenly began to rank with when I blogged and linked to them.

The documents of these will follow over the next few days as I continue to research and document the effectiveness of having author rank through blogging and SEO.

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