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William Robert Brun: May Your Muse Love You All Your Life

May Your Muse Love You All Your Life

William Robert Brun

Shortly after experiencing the astounding performance presented by the singer and songwriter, Aiyana Cadwell, I met William Robert Brun.

Remember that this is at Rafa’s Lounge and Art Gallery. And Mr. Brun was like the resident artist. Sitting at a vintage, round wooden table with pen in hand.

The vibe was definitely leaning more towards lounge than art-gallery this evening. There were a few other performers after Aiyana left the stage.

And there was a whole lot of mingling and networking going on amongst the friends and fans. So there was no shortage of socializing, excitement and fun to keep the night warm.

But I was instantly fascinated by a mature gentleman sitting with another fellow at this wooden, round table surrounded by sketches and art everywhere.

This was William Robert Brun.

Candid Brun

If I remember correctly, William Robert Brun said that he was 77-years old. That is just 5-years older than my father, Octave.

William was already busy manifesting newly minted sketch creations and did not miss a beat as we got busy with conversation. I just really love his art and had many questions.

I asked about his inspirations and musings and how I could get my hands on some of his art for myself of course.

Just recently I was at the Flower Pepper Gallery for the Juan Muniz premier of “Exit Down The Rabbit Hole“. His work is showing at Flower Pepper until July 12th.

Just a week before the Flower Pepper Gallery event for Juan Muniz, I was at a Sunday event for M.A.M.A. Earth.

It was called One Peace and featured the work of Shah Wonders, Marley Van Peebles and many others. A fantastic art-filled event that is just one of many for M.A.M.A. Earth.

The Hands Of William Robert Brun

Will brun fenix table

I am definitely a fan of his art because my favorite pieces in Rafa’s Lounge and Art Gallery just happened to be the work of Mr. Brun.

I learned which ones were during our conversation as he described the locations, features and details of a few of his creations. And bingo! Those were the paintings I favored.

I found his sketches to be quite fascinating as well. Just like his paintings on the walls, they featured some very peculiar captions and framing with words and letters.

He had mentioned that his art was how he earned a living. But after looking through one of his ‘coloring books for adults’, I was compelled to give him money.

I did so as a donation without any regard for a return of any kind. I was just inspired to support this man’s work because it motivated and delighted me.

But he insisted that I take one of his prints. Even though it says something slightly different on the print, I call this one “She Loves Me”.

She Loves Me

I own it now after all and can do with it as I wish. Then he took the time to personalize it with an elaborate autograph for me!

I didn’t realize until just now that the note William Robert Brun inscribed for me may have been motivated by my earlier performance of “Is A Belle Ringing?“.

This was an impromptu session to 6 people including William Robert Brun of course, after the musicians on stage were done and everyone was socializing it up and drinking.

There is a front room that is separated from the main stage where the artists were gathered away from the bar creating new works of art. I performed there.

Because obviously there must have been a muse or inspiration for me writing “…an amazingly heart wrenching song” such as it has been called.

And so he wrote “Hakeem, may your muse Love you all your life“.

Love you all your life.

I am pretty certain that you will enjoy taking a visit to Rafa’s Lounge and Art Gallery some time soon. It is now on my map of creative spaces to frequent and socialize.

And definitely go in there on the weekends to meet and greet with William Robert Brun and make a contribution to his simple, elegant, eccentric and inspiring art.

Rafa’s Lounge is located at 1836 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026. And may be contacted through (213) 413-4464 And website

Love Muse

Day and Night; may YOUR muse Love YOU all your Life.

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