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Capoeira Los Angeles: Contra Mestre Parafina

Contra Mestre Parafina

Capoeira Los Angeles


The powerful looking figure in the above photo is Amir Solsky, also known as Contra Mestre Parafina.

Contra Mestre Parafina has been studying, practicing and teaching Capoeira since 1993 and runs Capoeira Los Angeles where he teaches Capoeira and other disciplines.

On Saturday, June 29th, 2013; I had the pleasure of joining Contra Mestre Parafina and Capoeira Los Angeles for their Grand Opening and Birthday Roda!

Capoeira la b

I have known Contra Mestre Parafina for several years and get the opportunity to visit with and play Capoeira with him from time to time.

Capoeira Los Angeles is one of the most inviting Capoeira Academies to visit. Whenever you enter, you are welcomed in as if you were a long time friend or member of the family.

There were 3 great rodas (circles of play) that day and Contra Mestre Parafina got into about 50-games playing everyone who was game to celebrate his birthday which was about two weeks earlier!

Capoeira la c

The Grand Opening and Birthday Roda event was offered as an opportunity to invite new, stray and current Capoeira players to be part of the remodeled academy and training center.

The new Capoeira Los Angeles Academy features a new hardwood floor, overhead spotlights instead of hospital-like flourescent dullness and a few other renovations.

They are now even offering fresh, organic, Swedish coffee for members and guests to keep you alert in the game and keep you moving to the rhythm of the berimbau!

Capoeira la d

As usual with Capoeira Los Angeles events, it was a whole lot of fun with an amazing open roda. There were so many gifted, talented and dedicated Capoeiristas to play with!

I stayed for four hours until every body left at 8pm and only because I would have been locked in otherwise. It is just that special of a vibe with some of the most fantastic people in the Game Of Capoeira and life.

There were gifts for all in attendance including a great 2005 Capoeira Los Angeles Batizado DVD!

Parafina dvd

There was a very healthy barbeque with lot of veggies and chicken from and expert griller! And I got to buy an awesome T-shirt that I gave to my musician friend Aiyana who showed up for the Capoeira Los Angeles event!

You can visit Capoeira Los Angeles at their home school by going to 14444 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California, 91423

Call Contra Mestre Parafina at 818-679-5030

Or visit their website

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