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Ending The Heart Game: When Love Gets Played Like A Fool

When Love Gets Played Like A Fool

Ending The Heart Game

Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity, or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.” –Paulo Coelho

You can inherently sense when something is wrong.

But because of hope and the longing that often accompanies Love, your thoughts may not be the most rational. Or so it sometimes seems.

But maybe it is because you just think that you can make the best of a situation that is not quite right. Alarms are going off but you ignore them.

Allowing yourself to become entranced by the possibility of a beautiful prize. You are the so called “hopeless romantic”.

But there is nothing hopeless about romance. True romance is the most hopeful of the emotions because it is fueled by pure Love that is unconditional.

The only thing that is truly hopeless is When Love Gets Played Like A Fool. Because true love is really not getting played.

Love knows it is the most royal and real thing that there is and only allows the so called “player” to go on thinking they are actually manipulating something infinite.

Even the person who is enthralled by Love may not know that Love knows all and will always keep them protected.

But then why else would they keep moving forward in their pursuit of the heart?

Love can not really get played. It is just so eternal and all comprehending in scope that we fail to recognize it’s perfect genius.

All we have to do is go where our hearts guide us when we seek true and pure Love and we shall come out triumphant.

Ending The Heart Game is the decision that Love makes when it knows that we have the information necessary to learn the lesson.

We are always surrounded by Love because it is all that there really is. Hell is the separation from Love by our ignorance of it’s omnipresent reality.

When Love Gets Played Like A Fool, it is really us that is being played because we are ignoring the warning signs that true Love shows us.

And this is the lesson of Love. To become in tune with it and let it be our one and only guide. Doing this we shall surely light the way and find ourselves.

Love is playful when it is mutually shared between lovers. But it is not to be played. Ending The Heart Game happens when we listen to the guidance of Love.

A lover only gets played like a fool. But one who is really in love and with Love is never a fool. Because Love is the wisest mind in the Universe.

It is up to us to stop behaving in a way that is stupid and out of alignment with the guidance of Love.

When we do this, we are Ending The Heart Game and finding our truest power. Any pain that was experienced begins to heal.

Some of the places that we go for Love may be the wrong paths or the incorrect doors because we do not heed the true call of Love.

When we begin to gently close those doors by listening to the whispered advice of Love we are then empowered to go places rather than into nowhere.

Pride can cause us pain. When we realize that we have been opening the wrong doors and walking down the wrong path it may be difficult to admit.

But it is more painful to go deeper into the traps of those who think they can fool Love. When Love Gets Played Like A Fool it is us not Love.

We only ignore the guidance of Love and think we are in Love when we are actually out of it and off of it’s perfect path.

But stepping back on to the path of true Love is the most beautiful romance which does not require another person.

Ending The Heart Game begins with truly loving yourself so that you are in the greatest understanding of what Love actually is.

Love is everywhere at all times. but we must accept it into our hearts, minds and souls so that we can have the visionary sight of the all powerful Love.

Filling ourselves up with Love is the surest way to be guided in the right ways and through the best doors so we can out pour and overflow Love to others.

Love always leads to open doors that will have you experience the most wonderful adventures and take you to the greatest places.

Those who do not accept Love will continue to open doors that lead nowhere and remain alone without knowing how to allow Love into their lives.

Shut those doors by Ending The Heart Game and finding your true path the the wonderful abundance of romance and joy that awaits you when allowing Love’s guidance.

You can find the greatest beauty and perfection with every day being brand new and exciting when you live in Love and for Love.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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