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Cultivating the Subconscious Mind

by Hakeem Alexander | on March 12, 2013

Growing within your subconscious mind are all the seeds of thought which have been planted by way of the conscious mind.

Those seeds of thought when allowed to thrive become the trees of your personality that stem out into the branches of your various behaviors.

Our attention upon any thought is like tending to that seed and giving it food to grow stronger.

Energy flows wherever your attention goes.

And the food for thoughts are your attentions.

This energy strengthens whatever thoughts you focus your attention on.

This is true whether you are aware of it or not.

Maybe you already understand from this explanation that you can strengthen the thoughts and behaviors that you desire to be expressed by giving more attention to them.

So that if you want to be more confident, you would focus on being more confident.

You would focus on the events when you were most confident.

At the same time, while you keep your attention away from the thoughts and behaviors that you DO NOT wish to express, those unwanted qualities are then slowly starved of the energy that they would be using to grow.

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Instead they fade away while the best parts of you become stronger because of the direction of your attention.

Because of the extreme difficulty that is sometimes experienced when you are attempting to make changes in thought and behavior, it appears that the subconscious mind has about 5-million times more power to influence your thoughts and behavior than your conscious mind does.

From that understanding it makes sense to act on your subconscious mind in order to be sure of making the changes you want.

Because it is the subconscious mind that has the greatest power to drive your thoughts and behaviors.

The idea is not to ignore the negative thoughts and behaviors but not to give them attention.

This is a highly effective skill that can be developed in a very simple way.

It is a skill that must be developed because it is not an obvious need to everyone.

It also may appear to be a contradiction that you can at the same time not ignore something while also not giving it attention.

The difference is very plainly to acknowledge that there are undesired thoughts and behaviors – and then immediately take your focus, attention, and energy into the development, growth and cultivation of thoughts and behaviors that you would most like to express in your life.

It is a very subtle and small detail that may be easy to miss if you do not know what to look for or if you do not have very much practice with this specialized personal skill.

The practice of this behavioral science skill is actually two steps and a specific result.


Which result in IMPRESSION.

These may also be referred to as the so-called Laws of Self-Hypnosis.

Because of the fact that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, you are actually able to exercise the power to create unique and positive changes in thought and behavior by your self.

There are many challenges in our lives.

But we can overcome any challenges if we simply “put our minds to it”.

Putting our mind to something really means the cultivating of the subconscious mind.

It really is all about what we choose to grow in this fertile garden spot that will determine the direction and outcome of our lives and the quality of our experiences.

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