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UniquilibriuM: MetaPhysical Worlds of HypnoAthletics

By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) Metaphysicists and Metaphysicians often make use of metaphors or models of our realms of existence. These are analogous to locations or realms of being.

One particular trinity that I find useful is the Underworld – Middle World – Upper World hierarchy.

As with almost anything that comes through my experience, I have adopted this concept and adapted it to suit my personal preferences and hypothesis.

Understand that these are just psychological constructs that I use to assist with navigating my cognitive processes and may have nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else’s reality.

I find these ideas quite useful in applying therapeutic-imagery tools, lucid dreaming and other self-hypnosis modalities.


I consider the Underworld to be all planets, stars, asteroids, meteors, comets and other solid, physical terrestrial, plasmic and aquatic bodies.

This is the realm of all living, organic and biological beings, even those we do not know of or understand. Of course this includes us humans. The Underworld is limited to distinct locations of these physical objects.

Middle World

The Middle World I consider to be the space between all of the Underworld, where you can travel from one Underworld to the next in space-ships and rockets.

Depending on what the state of Dark-Energy and Dark Matter are, they may perhaps fall into this category. It is simply the medium through which we Underworld beings travel to reach other Underworlds. The Middle World is always present around the Underworld.

Upper Worlds

The Upper Worlds are many and are the non-physical realms of consciousness, the spirit or soul, Angels, Demons, Gods and Devils.

This may include the Astral Plane, the Bardo (Tibetan), Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Paradise, Purgatory or any thing of the like. The Upper World is transcendent and omnipresent, being in, through, and around all things in the Underworld and Middle World.

These concepts are not only personally comforting and effective for manipulating my thoughts to consistently achieve the results I desire for myself.

I am also able to fit these into therapeutic modalities that I use with clients as an underlying framework to better understand their own world-views.

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