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Snakes in the Grass: Marijuana, Withdrawal and Myths — 10 Comments

  1. I smoke marijuana myself, and recently have wanted to become spiritual. However, the most intriguing aspect of your article pertained to your telekenetic ability. I feel as though I may have this ability, but am unable to initiate it. Please, please please. I know you may receive many emails, but I’m looking for an answer for how you are able to engage in telekenetic abilities. I want to cultivate and progress my potential ability to a point where I am actually able to move things. Any information please on how to do so… Thank you.

  2. I’ve learned my lesson about drugs the hard way and I can only be glad to read such a great article. This way others have the chance to learn about drugs without any disastrous personal experiences.

  3. i have been a regular cannabis smoker for around 7 years (im 22) and when i abstain from smoking i find it hard to sleep. when i can sleep after abstinance i get incredibly vivid dreams in which i am often semi consciouss and have had some really amazing precog dreams..1 dream was so vivid i was 100% certain it would happen…3 days later it did happen and there were similarities in the dream and the event that would have been impossible to put down to coincidence!! I rarely get these dreams when smoking cannabis and sometimes feel aprehensive to quit or go without because of the powerful dreams i get whilst abstaining. Ever since this dream 4 years ago, i have known that we have these abilities and have tried developing them…i really dont think its gonna work tho till i manage to abstain from smoking for good

  4. Why do you want to move things with your mind so bad? Even if you could what is the point? You say you “feel as if you may have this ability”. I think you just really really wish you did. Stop pretending to be something you’re not and focus on what you are. *SMOKE WEED*

  5. It is an interesting desire to want to do these things and I believe quite a natural extension of human consciousness and ability.

    Discovering the ability to, or some other significant connection to the tangible world with our immaterial mind and thoughts may have some utility.

    Indeed, some of the interpretations of quantum theory predict this possibility, and I have had quite outstading metaphysical experiences myself that are well beyond the scope and perhaps the understanding of physics and acceped norms of human capabilities.

  6. I have a friend who used to be a drug addict few years ago. He even wanted me to try some too but i have refused him, i know how dangerous drugs can be and how easily your life can be destroyed by them. I talked to him numerous times, i wanted him to get helped, but he always used to ignore me, saying that he knows exactly what he is doing and that he could stop anytime he would want. Although his addiction is cured now, he struggled really hard to get to this point. When he couldn’t lie to himself anymore, he got on a drug rehab Nevada center on his own will, but at that time he had already lost 4 years of his life.

  7. I like your distinctions between the different types of marijuana. I doubt the telekinetic abilities, i would just focus on the relaxation instead.

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