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Therapeutic Systems

(Exercising Your Mind) What is hypnosis exactly? Do you really know how to describe this long talked about idea of the mind? Are you aware that knowledge of hypnosis can help you with almost ANYTHING in your life?

In fact, hypnotically induced changes are not just vague psychological concepts, but actually cause neuro-chemical and biological changes that may help to lock in your new found greatness for the rest of your life!

I have recently put the finishing touches on a few new Hypnotherapy based programs to help my clients with. I love acronyms as you will see. Following are a few names of my systems and other therapeutic tools.

(P.E.T.) Personal Exploration Topic(s) Some people call these client “issues” or problems, but I prefer this term.

(D.F.I.) Directed Focus Induction.: See my Self Hypnosis Exercise article for description in brief.

(A.S.P.E.C.T) Athletic & Sports Performance Enhancement Conditioning & Training

(A.C.I.D) Artistic Creative Intuitive Development.

(S.H.E.) Self Hypnosis Exercise. I gave this name to the first one I scripted.

(M.A.T.H.) Medical Analogue Technical Hypnosis: Remedies within reminiscence.

(C.H.I.P.) Centered Holistic Integration Program

(H.A.R.P.) Hypnotic Associative Repetitive Progress.
: Most Hypnotists may recognize association and repetition as the two laws of Self-Hypnosis.

Copyright 2006 by Hakeem Alexander

Vocational & Avocational Motivation & Self-Improvement. Hypnotherapy, Fitness, Nutrition, Metaphysics and the Arts.

All of the following behavioural / hypnotic techniques are interchangeable and may be used simultaneously, with some parts being completely omitted or overlapped with others.

They are descriptive guidelines only. HypnoAthletics is a completely individualized practice, as should be all  systems of refinement and therapy.

HypnoAthletics exposes the conditioned personality and integrates the best strategies, techniques, methods and philosophies I have personally experienced to improve and enhance:

HAPPINESS               HEALTH                  SUCCESS                    ORGANIZATION
ENERGY                    MEMORY                 FLEXIBILITY                VOCABULARY
AWARENESS            MOOD                      BREATHING                RESPONSE/ABILITY
APETITE                    PERFORMANCE     ESTEEM                      FOCUS
SLEEP                       RELATIONSHIPS     VITALITY                     IMMUNITY
STRENGTH              SPEED                      POWER                       SEXUALITY
GRATITUDE             LOVE                         SPIRITUALITY            WEALTH…

-And we could continue, for possibility is eternal when “we put our minds to it”!

Overall, my work is based on research geared toward uncovering, and then restructuring past and current conditioning, programming and brainwashing that may be contributing to undesired results in ones life. I have been and currently apply all of these to myself. It is far easier to teach these methods, and techniques than it is to practice them until momentum builds.

Take the first step and momentum is inevitable!

Goals, Confidence, Motivation and Positive Attitudes are important for most people. These characteristics are especially important in a competetive world. You have now discovered how to supercede competition by creating instead. You have discovered techniques that access your ability to build, work, dream and create by adopting attitudes and actions that characterize ultimate belief and faith. This is the formulae for all achievemnt, for good or for bad. You have the ability to learn how to accomplish literally anything. I utilize no-mystery techniques that you easily learn and use for a life-time. You have discovered your innate wisdom with this use of personal strategies, symbols, rituals and other thought-activities that you normally carry out but have now discovered how to transmute these methods into application of anythi
you deem fit.

Specialized Enhancement and Modification Programs for:

Relaxation from Anxiety, Test Preparation, Fears & Phobias, Weight Management, Sports Performance Enhancement, Nutrition, Habit Control, Motivation, Increase Confidence, Sound Sleep, Tobacco Cessation, Creativity, Relationship Strategies…

With yourself = Motivation= Confidence
-With others = Influence = Acceptance
-With your environment = Independant Integrated Intellegence

With useful applications for:

Athletes: Professional and Amateur

Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

Sales People
Direct Sales
Network Marketing /
Multi-Level Marketing

Public Speaking
Human Relations

Achieving Excellent and Effective Results.
“Exercising Your Mind”
HypnoTherapy         Fitness Training         NLP         Handwriting Analysis         Dream Analysis         Therapeutic Imagery      I & E

Beneficially Evolving Systems Technology

S.S.S. (S3)
Synaptic Syntax Sequencing™
This technology focuses on the words and communication we use with ourselves and others and their effect on our thoughts and nervous system. Our thoughts effect our emotions, nervous system, and therefore our behaviour. This is a broad ranging application utilized primarily for executive, social funcioning and achievement. Primarily based on Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP)

Athletic & Sports Performance Enhancement Conditioning & Training.™
These techniques also focus on the nervous system directed on influencing the proprioceptive mechanisms that engage our mental repoire with our physical bodies. This system emphasizes the relationhsip of intensity, duration, tempo and other factors which produce predictable outcomes such as speed, strength, endurance and flexibility depending on the desires and needs of the client. Based on Visual Motor Rehearsal and the training methods of top world athletes.

Artistic Creative Intuitive Development.™
In this particular method, focus is directed towards the subtle influence of the nervous system, primarily sight and sound for visual artists and musicians; taste and smell for culinary artists; touch sensitivity for sculptors, musicians and visual artists. The purpose is to assist “Artists” and those aspiring to accurately Re-Present their interpretations and  imaginings for others to experience. Based on my own experience as an artist with an enormous catalogue of essays, poems, music and visual art; including my professional work within the Film, TV, Radio, Print and Publishing industries.

Hypnotic Associative Repetitive Progress
It has been theorized that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and it is in this spirit that I developed this hypnotic technique. Association and repetition are said to be the two dominating laws governing self-hypnosis. Therefore, it is during the application of this technique that clients are taught much more about hypnosis than usual. This helps the client advance, develop and improve continuously and independently at times when the client is in training, as withA.S.P.E.C.T. strategies for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and other more self-reliant pro-active types. H.A.R.P. utilizes therapeutic and environmental hypnosis, with re-cognition of positive feelings and outcomes, so that they may be associated with specific causative actions and their variants. Once this connection is realized, they are to repeat the activities that trigger the positives, to build new and powerful neuropath-ways that become easier to access.

Centered Holistic Integration Program
With this technique, the client is guided through methods that are all encompassing of the individual’s lifestyle. It has been developed to completely change the way a person thinks in order to become someone or something else as in the case of an actor or other performer. C.H.I.P. is used very effectively in conjunction with A.C.I.D. consultation for creative types. Imagery, environmental hypnosis, therapeutic hypnosis and many other conditioning aspects are employed to thoroughly render the subject capable of performing tasks with their “second nature”.

*Some services may require a referral from a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, or Psychologist. The American Medical Association validated Hypnosis as an effective healing technique as of 1958.

Medical Analogue Technical Hypnosis

This hypnotic technique was developed after careful and continuing study of Integrated Medical Practices from around the world, and the application of their imaginary and visualized (analogue) counterparts to psycho-genic, psycho-somatic, physical and mental personal exploration topics (P.E.T.). For example, if I were suffering from a bout of anxiety, I would imagine in hypnosis that I was visiting a healer who prescribed valerian, an herbal tranquilizer, and describe in full the perennial herb’s pale-green stem, large leaves, and light-yellow flowers that bloom from June through August. I may describe the doctor and facility, the season in which the herb grows, its scent and flavor, its anxiolytic effect, and perhaps some of the many other symptoms it has been used to treat, as well as scientific theory as to why it works including chemical compounds. The recommended doses and usage would also be included for a full analogue experience. Making a recording of the scenario works best if not through a facilitator.

*M.A.T.H. is primarily applied to physical and medical conditions referred by qualified Physicians such as:

Pain Control
Pre- and Post- Operative:
Anasthesia / Analgesia
Acute / Chronic Pain
Child – Birth
Dental / Surgical
Extreme Weight Management
Chemical Dependence / Addiction

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