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Ring the Dinner Bell

(Exercising Your Mind) We have heard it before, the message is not new but it must be repeated.

Wake up!

Let not our lives be lead solely by the will of others. Surely we are shaped in many ways by our experiences in our external environment.  However, this does not mean that we must appeal only to the desires of dictated design. We must take what works for us and discard the rest, mostly. There are times when we must experiment to determine more certainly whether a course of action is suitable.

We are in trouble; and I do not wish to be enslaved.

  • Why wear some fashion simply because the majority does so?
  • Why reject a fashion simply because it is the choice of the masses?
  • Why not do what it is that you wish?
  • A commercial informs you of a product? A commercial coerces you into buying a product?

Let us go to our own base; let us reserve our energy for introspection; let us make choices not based on fear or guilt.

From my personal experience, it is certainly very difficult to accept that I have been successfully deceived or fooled; led to believe deleterious untruths to the benefit of some wretch. Pride is a major obstacle to the acceptance of, and resolution of the damage done by being mislead.

Pride is also identified as a tool utilized in the mass-controlling, and misleading of people. Most of our long held, beliefs, emotions, traditions and cultures, are actually very cleverly disguised, mass-indoctrination tools used to create a predictable, and alterable behavior system.

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Of course, if I know that whenever you hear thunder or see lightening a great majority of you will remain in shelter, be more cautious, or even paranoid; I then know that I can commit certain acts at these times when storms arrive, even if not causing the storms myself somehow.

If I know that possibly thousands will be distracted and ‘rubberneck’ when an auto accident occurs, I may also predictably control pockets of populations similarly.

If certain sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and scents trigger a general reaction from a majority, certain behaviors may be activated when one or more of these representational systems are distorted.

We are all much more like Pavlov’s Dogs than we care to admit. However, when we lose the hideous and unreasonable shame and pride we have learned to associate with our susceptibility to being programmed; we then grant ourselves the freedom to ‘program’ into our lives whatever it is that we desire.

Copyright 2005. by Hakeem Alexander

2 thoughts on “Ring the Dinner Bell

  1. Hi Hakeem,
    Well said! We are like Pavlov’s dog, our response is a short cut for time in thinking about a situation, which can be necessary sometimes. I think that some people who “rubberneck” at accidents go beyond the Pavlovian response, now these people are responding to being inconvenienced because they had to slow down for safety. For example, if someone is gawking at an accident on the road, then the person behind them can’t help it but look at it too, instead of moving on. They’ve now surpassed their need for safety and are satisfying their need for spectacle. The good news is, not all people gawk, some of us can resist the urge to look. That’s just my two cents.

  2. Well, I had 98 cents so now we have a dollar! Lets split it 50/50 and and keep up the critical thinking factor that is so essential in maintaining the outgrowth of insight such as yours. I trust you will continue to share and greatly respect your opinions. Thanks!

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