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Ring the Dinner Bell — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Hakeem,
    Well said! We are like Pavlov’s dog, our response is a short cut for time in thinking about a situation, which can be necessary sometimes. I think that some people who “rubberneck” at accidents go beyond the Pavlovian response, now these people are responding to being inconvenienced because they had to slow down for safety. For example, if someone is gawking at an accident on the road, then the person behind them can’t help it but look at it too, instead of moving on. They’ve now surpassed their need for safety and are satisfying their need for spectacle. The good news is, not all people gawk, some of us can resist the urge to look. That’s just my two cents.

  2. Well, I had 98 cents so now we have a dollar! Lets split it 50/50 and and keep up the critical thinking factor that is so essential in maintaining the outgrowth of insight such as yours. I trust you will continue to share and greatly respect your opinions. Thanks!

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