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Right Before Us

(Exercising Your Mind) I only discourse in this fashion to release what I erroneously believed I had not known before. Just as many explorers map out territories for those to follow do I chart these ways. No new thing is revealed, only imparted from my perspective.

What else is there to think about, imagine, talk about and immerse ourselves in except that which we desire truly?

I believe not much else ranks as worthy except for our positive ideals that propel us forward in constructive waves. Looking beyond the material world around us we can verily change the fabric of our existence by the experience of thought towards our greatest dreams.

It is so simple to do and therefore may be somewhat tempting to ignore, but if we only concentrate upon those things in life that we know, feel and believe to be beautiful and wonderful, we certainly will have them. Continuing experience has done more to strengthen this belief than any doctrine or convincing words from the greatest speakers could ever hope for. However, credit is due to those who have induced such magnificent inspiration.

It has been years plenty for the gestation and nuturing of such belief to take hold of my very being and become the fabric of reality; or so it has appeared. I have come to the conclusion after many long meditations that it is not only recently have my thoughts produced things, but that I have not directed my thoughts to do the things I wanted because I had not realized this could be done. In times past I was swayed to and fro by the outer images of what I accepted to be the reality of eterna. I gave truth to suffering, misery, lack, want and pain not realizing the transient state of all.

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Somewhat cryptic, I always knew but didn’t know that I knew until I allowed myself to know that I knew.

To structure that lucidly, I made the decision to apply another way of thinking from that which I had grown accustomed. I had been searching to find an easier way and then realized the way remained the same; it was I who became more capable that gave the appearance of greater ease in life.

It is so simple in form and thus may be why it has been so thoroughly misapplied by many including myself. I must now say, it is only a misapplication when desires do not resemble circumstances; it is only incongruent conditions of internal and external that I address.

For those who already believe and have directed reality for joyous fulfillment, may this serve as one of many reminders of your faith. This is nothing new to mankind, though when the opportunity is seized to prove it out, the faith in such a philosophy is like new born.

Certainty of success prevails in any endeavor towards which we would dare to whole-heartedly believe in our own power to create what it is we desire. Achievement is inevitable should we only know that we are deserving of every and all form of riches in Spirit and of Earth.

It does not matter what you believe as long as you understand that as long as you believe it, so shall it be. This is the essence of all achievement that anyone may conceive. I believe this applies even to those who would utilize this “power” for less than noble purposes.

It is the reason that it seems “Evil Prevails” and why so many “wrongdoers” and “criminals” escape “justice”. Believing and having true faith in something is not the exclusive domain of the “righteous”. Anyone can and should believe in anything even if it is not commonly accepted, agreed upon, or supportive of the comfort and morals of others.

It must be known that people have and do use their faith to control, dominate and enslave. It may be because of this sort of element in our Universe that we the people of Earth have not been generally aware of such “power” that we all possess. Should we have known and believed all along, there would not be, or ever would-have been, such suffering delusions.

Now however is the time to release any hold on negativity and helplessness that we may have endured previously. I am certain beyond any doubt that it is faith, knowing and belief alone that decides our individual and collective “fate”.

The Encarta World Dictionary defines fate as “force predetermining events: the force or principle believed to predetermine events.”

Who or what is it that manufactures this predetermination? When we begin within and decide upon what we allow to have lasting effect, we shall know with unshakable certainty in our own power to be the “force predetermining events“.

It is not that bad and evil things do not happen and are not real; it is that we continue the reality in our memories, emotions and experience that perpetuates the ill-desired condition which are sypmtoms of acceptance. We must set our minds apart from that which we do not want, and bind our thoughts faithfully, knowingly and lovingly with those circumstance we wish to bring about.

The manner and method to which we may achieve all that we desire, resides in our willingness to make choices about those things we accept as truth. We can no longer be lazy of mind and continue to accept anything without first thoroughly investigating whatever it may be for ourselves.

It is indeed easier at the outset and short-term not to use our time being our own scientists; but as time goes along and circumstances appear to be unfavorable, such may only be attributed to our lack of vigilance in the beginning.

This is not to imply that every ill-condition is the workings of those who know the path and obstruct it for us. No, it is that if we leave it up to our environment which “they” are inevitably a part of, our chances of experiencing joy is diminished until we realize that we have a choice.

I would never take action to have any person or group deprived of their freedom of expression even in the form of dangerous lies; it is their freedom. The deception is only a danger to us when we give up our power to strategize, consult, analyze and research  for ourselves.

We have filters and we very well should use them.

The way that we learn what there is in this Universe is by the many things and beings that have come before us in nature and man-made. All of our knowledge we have absorbed through our senses from these various sources.

We are in some ways limited by all that is around us it would seem; but there are endless combinations of data that compute for infinite outcomes. Our simple task is to do our “due diligence” when presented with any information, regardless of what authority has presented it. Ultimately it is our bodies and souls at stake and all of the information we should care to find is always right before us.

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