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Exercising more than your mind…

(Exercising Your Mind) Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think and Grow Rich which was published in 1937. I first read it in 1998. I wanted so bad to be rich and felt that this title would set me on the right path; I was right and I am thankful to him and many others who have mentored me through their motivational wisdom.

One of the most powerful lessons I have learned and strive to master is his teaching to “Never engage in any transaction that does not benefit all whom it effects“. This has been a struggle for me for reasons I am still uncovering and transmuting into the best energies possible. Simply engaging the world with this ecological idea steps up the vibrations of my mind such that it has replaced my undesired thoughts and actions with more worthwhile goals and visions.

Why I chose to compete in this “dog eat dog world” is because I had not yet discovered my absolute ability to create instead. I used to think I was born evil and would soon be on my way to Hell and behaved much like a demon. I accept full responsibility for my caustic and often-times insane actions by waking up and no longer acquiescing to “illusions” that are out of alignment with what it is I truly desire.

I do hereby declare and commit to creating evolutionary thought and technology for peaceful, sustainable, loving and ecological advancement of all beings and energies of the Multiverse. I have begun a dedicated fitness program aimed at increasing my spiritual, intellectual and physical powers and health. My nourishment is love, supplemented with passion and curiosity.

There are a great many things I would like to experience and share. HypnoAthletics – “ExercisingYour Mind” is sure to be one of my most valuable Personal Exploration Topics(PETs) that I have conceptualized and will certainly generate and sustain inspired research, development and practice of many healthy living applications.

My plan is to use all that I have learned about the human mind to cause greatness and abundance of all loving, peaceful and beautiful things to manifest for the benefit of all whom it effects. I am taking this time to advance my methods of learning and that of the world while simultaneously inventing and offering new technologies.

When I find a school or foundation of some kind to suit my fickle learning style, I will sign up and be more than pleased to pay whatever price is asked and accept my Doctorate proudly. Until then, it is Heuristic Philology all the way.

Heuristic as in the method in which pupils are taught to find out things for themselves and Philology is the love of knowledge. “Personal development through the love of learning”.

I feel as Robert Kiyosaki points out in his book Before You Quit Your Job: 10 Real-Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building a Multimillion Dollar Business on page 177 about Breakhrough Learning and Super-Learning: “One reason I disliked school so much was simply that the pace was too slow. It took too long to learn too little“.

German astronomer Karl Schwarzchild innovatively worked out Einstein’s General Relativity Theory while on the battlefield and accurately predicted the existence of Black Holes. I wonder what he would have calculated had there been peace-time, knowing that great ideas may be inspired at any time but especially through peace. If we are capable of elucidating such awesome power and capturing its essence with a handful of symbols and numerals – we must be capable of soon existing in global unity.

I often reflect on the many verses of holy books that prophecy the end of times for this mortal soil. The “Merchants of Chaos” that strategize and premeditate war are practicing primitive communication and diverting resources from intellectual evolution and perhaps even manned intergalactic exploration and travel. What else could we be using our resources for besides National Security and International Policing? Technology is not for making war against your brother.

Billions and trillions of currency units spent murdering. If you do so despise or fear a peoples or nation so much; why kill them? Why not strongly encourage them to develope the technology to utilize the energy of the super-massive black-hole at the center of our galaxy? Or, some type of teleportation device using scalar physics and free-energy devices to beam them away to a galaxy far away?

It would serve better if we used sci-fi cartoons, comic books and films as ad-hoc templates for science and tech geared towards exploration and sharing.

Politico? Militaire? Industry? If you are not bold enough to zip off this rock yourself, then inspire those you abhor to leave – in spaceships. Let “them” take the risk not you. Perhaps instead of discovering a paradise planet where humans become super-human and live in bliss, they will crash-land derelict upon some winter-scorched and barren, void of light planetoid. Either way there would be no fighting I hope.

So why do the holy books predict and therefore encourage apocalypse? Is it not a hopeless fantasy to forecast that humans are so foolish as to remain here on earth to perish from pestilence, famine and war? Are we really so stupid that we are to remain here hating and destroying each other?

Whatever the reasons are for war-mongering, it is now time for peace gathering. Many methods of inspiration are available through Metaphysics, Art, Mathematics, Music, Chemistry, Dance, Epigenetics and Philosophy. The integration of these and many disciplines must be given to everyone freely. Proprietorship and commerce that is earth-bound only is catastrophically dumb.

I personally can not or will not accept a fate that dictates I must remain here on earth in this physical splendor and spiritual eternia to watch a bunch of idiots blow each=other up for the good of all.

Where are the magneto-hydrodynamic devices? Why is quaternion geometry not widely taught in schools along with the speed mathematics of the ancient Indus Valley? Why are we being covertly fed genetically engineered foods? Where are my psionically guided bionic exoskeletons?

I create fantastic theories, tools and technologies; I think I’ll call it T3 or Tachyon Thought Technologies. I’m gonna build stuff. Wanna help? Lets meditate together, eat together, play together and invent together. I like the idea and commitment Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) has made to advancing the wealth of knowledge available to the world with their offering of all 1700+ classes for free online with Open Course Ware at .

Mass collaboration is exceedingly urgent now. I want to lunch while watching rings zoom by at 40,000 mph at the Saturn Cafe. I want to meet blue girls from Andromeda next door. I want to catch a ride with a Graviton to the next Brane and visit my inter-dimensional cousins, and I probably will if I already haven’t (I have the best lucid dreams).

While looking through telescopes and microscopes for centuries, pondering its mysteries and speculating the meaning of it all through mathematical tomes; we have uncovered a few secrets of this Universe. Nano-Tech and nuclear fusion are but a few of these inspirations.

Hermes Trismegistos etched upon his Emerald Tablet “…that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, to perform the miracles of the One Thing
.” Likewise, we discover and invent as we peer into the micro-cosmos and amongst the stars.

The most powerful of these tools is our imagination which we master through practice. In our “mind’s eye’ the farthest “corners” may be reached and the tiniest of worlds explored. The greatest technology is our own upward moving and inspired thought. There is a revolution of revolutions brewing. It is upon us to move beyond our programming sustained through default learning.

Educators and authors David Gamon, Ph.D and Allen D. Bragdon gave us the book Building Mental Muscle so that we may exercise our minds and I wish to offer my own gifts of intellectual hypertrophy as well. To be the best that I am, and to be confident in my offerings I have explored much, experimented eagerly and documented my experiences.

As the Immortal Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind  teaches and writes; “Tell the world what you are going to do, but first show them.” I have much to tell for there is much I am doing for my personal enrichment and to “benefit all whom it effects”.

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