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Rebellious Billionaires: The Emerging Commission Technicians And Money Magicians

The Emerging Commission Technicians And Money Magicians

Rebellious Billionaires

Wisdom comes from two places: Mistakes and Mentors” – Chris Record

Financial frustration is crushing the hopes and dreams of way too many people these days. The recession seems to be the only thing people are talking about.

In many places around The United States of America, there are folks losing their jobs and their homes and the lives they have worked long, hard years to build.

Fear is everywhere. And even though the end is not nigh, there are so many citizens cowering, crying and crawling into the caverns of hopelessness and despair.

The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it’s conformity…” –Earl Nightingale

The good news is that most of the fear, emptiness and despair is misguided.

Earl Nightingale also teaches us that if you want to succeed, then all you have to do is look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite. Or at least something different.

For the intelligent entrepreneur, there is abundant opportunity to make some very significant money at these times when everyone else is in hiding.

When people are quitting and giving up on life all around you, then this is the time to begin the momentum of massive action.

Do you wish to submit to and become a slave of the fear of economic uncertainty? Or would you rather be the GrandMaster of your financial future and life’s destiny?

Independence And Magnetism

Because of the decisions I made in business and finances, I found myself in a position of having no money to pay my rent or for food to eat.

And in the midst of all this…

I quit my job.


Because I made the decision to cultivate an astounding independence. The choice that I made has launched me into a quantum leap of understanding.

I have been forever catapulted into a new perspective. My new comprehension has enlightened me to the fact that I do not ever have to work for someone else again.

This is not because I have suddenly found a gold or diamond mine, won the lottery or claimed an inheritance or court settlement.

It is because I learned a few things from some of the world’s most masterful entrepreneurs and business building architects.

I have learned the skills and techniques to literally create “Income At Will”. I applied a simple, three step formula and experienced a lucrative solution to an otherwise complicated marketing world.

Achieving the Income At Will position should be your #1 priority.” – Dan Kennedy

After I read about the “Money Magnet” of Independence in Dan Kennedy’s book “The No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs”, I was never the same.

I completely let go of any desperation to gain a new client, make a new sale, find a customer, earn a paycheck or payment of any kind.

I learned that any type of neediness or desperation was repulsive to money, wealth and riches; just the same way that a needy, would be lover is repulsive to the object of their misguided and clingy affections.

It does not matter whether or not you really “need” the money, client, customer or paycheck. What matters most is what you perceive and how you behave about money.

Tribes And Villages

The secret is the ethical generation and the responsible nurturing of a healthy and wealthy tribe that you respect, and a village that respects you.

The respect is based on the way that you have lovingly conditioned your community to know, like and trust in you and your ability to provide their desired results and outcomes.

The foundation is based upon finding out through direct response, exactly what your tribe and village perceives as valuable.

Thereis a subtle but very important detail here that must be clear. The value is in the perception of your tribe and village, not the doo-dad that you have to offer.

Your thing-a-ma-bob for sale must be valuable to your tribe because they have demanded it. The value is in what your village wants and how effectively you make it known as such.

The Marketing F.A.N.T.A.S.Y.

The greatest money magicians are commission technicians. We are the people who know that there is always a way to earn by providing what is most wanted and needed.

The greatest amount of money is derived from purely commission based, Income Producing Activities (IPAs). Create. Capture. Convert.

This activity is leveraged to create equity from assets that matures into passive and residual income.

More details about magnetizing a tribe and village that is conditioned to respond favorably to your offerings over and over again are in The Marketing F.A.N.T.A.S.Y.

Rebellious Billionaires Are On The Rise

The most wealthy money magicians and commission technicians that I follow are also heart-centered entrepreneurs who are answering a call to supply a demand.

There are so many people seeking a way to make a life and not just a living by earning money doing something that they love and feels right to them.

People want to generate excessive cash-flow while serving a purpose greater than money.

And here I am as a gatekeeper of my own realm of wealth and abundance just waiting patiently for those who are seeking to find.

These leaders who have locked arms together to free minds from the matrix of mediocrity and limitation may not know, or just don’t show the massive windfall they have.

I have a vision of the future held close to my heart because I see its beauty as full and real as the day right before me and the moment I now breathe.

We are on the rise. Not just to be “Renegade Millionaires”; but an army of BadAss Rebellious Billionaires.

Can you imagine having nothing, and yet knowing with supreme absolute confidence that you hold the key to everything you could ever desire?

The commission technicians and money magicians know. I know because these are my teachers. Putting my ego aside I follow.

The gap has been bridged between authentic value and equity based on heart-centered respect and love for the ones who demand service.

As you are initiated into a new understanding of how you might be a Rebellious Billionaire, can you see yourself generating excessive cash-flow while serving purposes greater than money?

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

Do You Wish To Learn The Skills Of A Rebellious Billionaire?

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  1. I have found that when you release all expectations you are aligned to receive what the Universe has planned for you. And the Universe has our best interests at heart always.Because we’re human, we have a tendency to want to be in control of every outcome and our ego is unable to surrender its will. This creates unnecessary conflicts and turbulent minds! Surrender is an art that can be learned! It does not make one impotent. On the contrary it gives you great power and makes you strong from the inside out!

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