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Wealth, Wisdom, and Walking on Water

(Exercising Your Mind) What does The X-Men‘s 1st Mutant, “Apocalypse” have to do with psychic, lucid-dreams?

What is the connection that we have which links our psychology with our physical perceptions to create an extra-sensory, metaphysical experience?

Get ready for the beginning of the end of confusion, and the completion of realization.

This podcast re-caps some of the amazing Numerology experiences from my own life; as well as a little more details about how to calculate your own personal numerology, so that you can learn how to attract more money into your life.

Join Flor Carrasco and Hakeem Alexander for the last HypnoAthletics PodCast that holds back…

Be sure to listen to the initiation in the previous broadcast Money, Magic, MetaPhysics, and Music

Tune in again on Sunday, May 3rd for the Full Moon PodCast which will begin a new journey of revelations from HypnoAthletics, that will be revolutionary and evolutionary in scope and practice!

Blog referenced in this PodCast: My Body’s MANY Cries For Water

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