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A Zeitgeist Train of New Thought

By Hakeem Alexander

We need to change our way of thinking, or perish

Jacque Fresco

(Exercising Your Mind) Anyone or any organizations that have really good intentions and are seeking truth, are ultimately talking about and striving for the same thing.

The difference is in the way they express their truth seeking, life affirming methods and the superficial processes that are apparent in their tactics.

In this PodCast, I use Conversational Hypnosis to forward the Globally Sustaining ideas of Natural Law and Resource Based Economies and The Zeitgeist Movement, empowered by New Thought Philosophy.

*see a list of Songs & Artists with their play times below the audio player*

Featured Music & Artists Include:

  1. Candy Skulls” by Naђualli starting at 9:15
  2. California” by The Chimpz starting at 19:50
  3. Snow Angels” by Clare Means starting at 29:40
  4. Realignment” by Kaisi Berick The Siren starting at 36:20

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