Hypoglycemia: The High Cost Of Low Blood Sugar

(Exercising Your Mind) Hakeem Alexander | Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com The symptoms of hypoglycemia are caused by the sustained stress it produces, causing food and chemical allergies, asthma, chronic yeast infections, confusion, chronic fatigue, weakness, visual disturbances, headaches, mood swings, anxiety and other emotional … Continue reading

Extinction of Phobias Part 1: The Mechanics Of Irrational Fear

(Exercising Your Mind) Understand the mechanics of irrational fear so you can begin to free yourself and others from phobias, and other unwanted or destructive feelings. Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com Initiation into the fundamental laws of hypnosis Repetition Association It is important to … Continue reading

The Best Fitness Program In Southern California 9

In Southern California 9 The Best Fitness Program (Exercising Your Mind) There are actually two really great myths that will place you into a higher level of health, wellness, and fitness when you abandon them. Of course these are generalizations, … Continue reading

S.C.R.A.W.L. – Super Conscious Royal Alien Wrestling League

Altering blood sugar may just be like changing the station on a radio receiver or a television channel. Think about that.

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The Connection between Hypoglycemia and Depression

it has been observed that the regulation of optimum blood-sugar levels through corrective dietary programs, improves a person’s physical condition, emotional state and energy levels.

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