Extinction of Phobias Part 1: The Mechanics Of Irrational Fear

(Exercising Your Mind) Understand the mechanics of irrational fear so you can begin to free yourself and others from phobias, and other unwanted or destructive feelings.


Initiation into the fundamental laws of hypnosis

  • Repetition
  • Association

It is important to understand the mechanics of hypnosis so that you can defend against being hypnotized against your will.

This happens all the time when certain media outlets use sensational stories of little importance to the progress of our global society, to distract us from news information that is important to the progress of our global society.

Everyone can be hypnotized, and everyone has been hypnotized.

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Most people believe they have not been, or can not be hypnotized because they do not know what hypnosis is.

The most dangerous belief, or suggestion to accept about hypnosis, is that you cannot be hypnotized.

If you accept that you can not be hypnotized, then you will not make any effort to understand what hypnosis is.

The ignorance of what hypnosis is leaves you defenseless against being hypnotized with ideas that are not useful or progressive to yourself and the world in general.

If you do not deliberately and intentionally control the flow of information into your subconscious, then you are not in as much control as you can be of your own mind.

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HypnoAnalytic Distinction Between Fears and Phobias

Fears are rational, Phobias are irrational.

Repetition is simply thinking, speaking, or doing something over and over again. It is routine like a schedule, or practice to become better at something. The development of 2nd Nature.

Association is when a physical or emotional feeling is experienced at the same time as you are thinking, speaking or doing something.

This creates a causative value to the thinking, speaking, or doing. Causative value means that you have connected the physical or emotional feeling to the thinking, speaking or doing.

You believe that the thinking, speaking, or doing has caused the physical and / or emotional feeling.

Lets explore this further with an example of how a person that we will call Isabel, developed a phobia of driving on the freeway.

Formulae For Irrational Fear

Isabel woke up for her job everyday at 7:AM so she could eat breakfast, and then get ready for works with enough time to leave by 8:AM and arrive early for work.

Isabel would take the freeway to work everyday because it was the quickest route.

Then, Isabel got a promotion for being such a great asset to her employer. Because of this, she was required to start work an hour earlier every day.

Since Isabel had to arrive an hour earlier, she started skipping breakfast, and instead, took the time she had to clean up and get dressed before driving on the freeway to work. And in place of her usual black tea, she would grab a cup of coffee and a donut when she left her home.

Soon, Isabel began to tremble, feel nauseous, sweat, breathe faster, and feel her heart beating fast as she approached the on-ramp to the freeway.

It was as if she had experienced some terrifying danger on the freeway, and her body was giving her warning signals to avoid this danger, even though there was no danger.

Isabel soon could not drive on the freeway anymore because she was too scared of it, even though she did not know why.

In order to get to work on time, she now woke up an hour earlier, because taking the streets instead of the freeway took a longer time.

Isabel started eating breakfast again first thing in the morning, now that she was getting up earlier.

She began feeling better, and decided that she would attempt to drive on the freeway again. But as she began to approach the on-ramp, she began to tremble, feel nauseous, sweat, breathe faster, and feel her heart beating fast.

Isabel continued to avoid driving on the freeway to work. Then she contacted me on the recommendation of a friend who had a great success while I was coaching her with Hypnotic Techniques.

After a few sessions with Isabel, we discovered what may have been the cause of her irrational fear, or phobia, of driving on the freeway.

Low Blood Sugar Mimics Terror

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Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar can cause the exact symptoms that Isabel was experiencing as she was approaching the on-ramp to the freeway she took to work everyday.

But like most people, Isabel did not know that skipping a healthy breakfast, replacing it with loading up on caffeine and sugar, could have such a dramatic outcome.

So when the symptoms started kicking in everyday at the same time she was about to get on the freeway, she misunderstood these feelings as a warning signal that there was some danger of driving on the freeway, even though there was no known reason why.

That is the definition of irrational fear, or a phobia.

And even when she was able to start eating breakfast again, and was no longer drinking coffee in the morning, her nervous system had already strongly associated those feelings so much with approaching the freeway.

Because she started to feel these low-blood sugar symptoms when she was approaching the freeway, she began to associate the freeway with these feelings.

Isabel had unconsciously programmed her body to trigger a fear response with the freeway by not eating breakfast. By the time the metabolic effects kicked in, she was approaching the freeway.

It was a coincidence, but the timing was just right, over and over again, to provide the repetition needed to create the association of the freeway being a dangerous thing.

Who’s Pulling The Strings?

As you now understand, the fundamentals of hypnosis are repetition and association. When a feeling is experienced at the same time as some event over and over again, it is possible that we will unconsciously assign the event as the cause of the feeling.

This can happen even if it is not the event causing the feeling, just as much as if it is the event. The fear is rational when we do have a logical reason to be scared of the event, place, or person.

It becomes a phobia, or irrational fear when we do not know why we are feeling the fear. As we now know, physical imbalances caused by poor nutrition, can mimic the feelings of fear.

These fundamentals of repetition and association are important to understand because they are the basic ways in which our minds and bodies can be triggered to feel and think in a certain way in response to some stimulating factor.

And this can be done to us, if we do not understand the mechanics of it, instead of us controlling our own feelings and emotions.

Do you wish to be someone else’s puppet? Or do you wish to be the master of yourself?



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