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Your Soul is a Light. What Are You Projecting OnTo The World With Such Power?

(Exercising Your Mind) You know how film projectors work, right?

There is a film, called celluloid, that is like a plastic with images printed on the slides, or frames.

These slides are on a roll that is connected to a motor that passes them in front of a light source, which is aimed at a screen.

Imagine a flashlight.

You can put something in front of the flashlight, and there will be shadow. This is how a film, or a movie shown in a cinema as a motion picture works.

The film is a multi colored shadow being projected onto the screen.

But before this can happen, a film crew has to go out and shoot the film, develop it, and edit it.

Your subconscious mind works the same way.

But you have to be the film crew first – consciously and deliberately.

You have to go out and shoot the movie that you want your life to be, develop it, edit it, and then project it out to the world with the light of your soul.

More on this idea soon.

Stay tuned.

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