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(Exercising Your Mind) Do you know what you are unconsciously thinking about?

You may already realize the difficulty in imagining this because of the very fact that I used the word “unconsciously” before the word “thinking“.

Because you know that when you are unconscious, you usually do not know what you are thinking about in the usual sense of the word thinking.

But have you ever taken the time to consider that you are actually thinking, even when you are unconscious of this thinking?

If you have not yet considered this, it is about time that you do, so that you may take one of many important steps in gaining more control over your mind.

And notice that I used the phrase “gaining more control over you mind“.

I am assuming here that you have at least some control over your own mind, and you know that you have this control, however little it may be.

But if you do not know you can control your own mind, and sometimes do; then it is also now the time for you to actively think about this.

Because actively thinking about things that you were before passively thinking about, is one of the keys to unlocking an important ability.

This important ability is exercising your mind to strengthen the coherence of your unconscious thinking with your conscious desires.

Coherence just means that your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind are all thinking the same thing.

If they are not all on the same plane of thought, then they will counteract each other and sometimes stop anything good from happening in your life.

An example of this is in the science of physics that is easy to understand.

It has to do with negative and positive charges.

And it will also clarify What Is Hypnosis for you.

An electron has a negative charge and is sometimes called a negatron.

A positron has a positive charge and is exactly opposite of the electron.

The positron is the anti-particle to the electron.

And when these two particles meet each other, they neutralize each other.

This means that there is no more charge or force because it has been cancelled.

Just like a lot of people were glad that their physics class was cancelled, because this means that it was no longer there; at least for the day.

But when it comes to a constructive and positive intention that you have to create, and manifest something that you want, this cancellation is not good.

But this is exactly what happens when your subconscious or unconscious mind are thinking about things that are negative intentions to your positive intentions.

It cancels your positive intentions.

It neutralizes them and makes it so that they have no more charge.

And this is why you must learn the art and science of hypnosis, and self-hypnosis in order to gain more control of your power of intention.

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