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Law Of Attraction Hypnosis By Phone

Hypnosis By Phone

Law Of Attraction

(Exercising Your Mind) Just to be really fair, and straight to the point about the whole matter at hand, Law of Attraction Hypnosis is just hypnosis.

The result is the same whether or not you want to add some type of Metaphysical dimension to your understanding and use of hypnosis.

Because you tend to get what you focus on, hypnosis can be an important tool in getting what you want since it helps you to clarify what you focus on.

Since we are using hypnosis, we must assume that we are working with the subconscious mind as the primary vehicle for this change.

And this is the missing link of understanding for most of the practice that goes on around this Law of Attraction business.

Because you can consciously be thinking and talking about your goals, but if your subconscious is not in alignment with this, it will do what it is aligned with.

If the subconscious is focused upon the belief of another intention or desire, this sets up a neutralizing energy or counter-intention.

And the subconscious mind has much more energizing, emotional, driving and computing power than the conscious mind does.

So the subconscious, will win most of the time.

This is why the subconscious mind is a primary focus of working with the law of attraction when we are being serious about creating change.

Because the subconscious prompters will usually over ride the commands of what you are consciously thinking and asking for.

It is a good thing then that we have the ability to pick up the phone and talk someone out of making a bad decision, or helping them to correct it.

Take a moment to remember a time when you talked someone out of a bad decision, or, when yourself were talked out of doing something really dumb.

Specifically think about a time when this was done by phone.

Now you have realized that when I have changed your actions by the creation or influence of a belief system in you over the phone, you have been hypnotized.

Just like you will always remember that I know that I can hypnotize anyone, and anything, even computers, because you have been hypnotized to remember.

Because you will also remember very clearly that hypnosis is very effective on the phone, just as it is when client and hypnotist are in the same room.

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I will also be going into more details over the next few weeks and months, right here on HypnoAthletics.

Check back for more details soon…

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