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Clinical HypnoTherapy By TelePhone

By TelePhone

Clinical HypnoTherapy

(Exercising Your Mind) A brilliant idea was the first thought I had about doing hypnosis sessions over the telephone as soon as I learned about it.

It was right around the time that I graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California when I found out about this possibility.

It was one of those things that struck me as so amazing because it fit me very well.

The benefit to the clients I would nurture with this approach to clinical hypnotherapy, came from the fact that I was more comfortable.

Being more at ease with the role of being a clinical hypnotist makes the experience for the client that much better, because there is more clarity and focus.

I admire and respect many, if not all of the other clinical hypnotists that I knew, especially my teachers, coaches, and mentors.

But I just was not comfortable as much as I could be with the activity of showing up at a clinic every day to deliver my services.

I started doing sessions on the phone at the same time as I was seeing other clients in the clinic, to compare the results to see if one was more effective than the other.

Thankfully I found no real noticeable differences.

Everyone was having amazing transformations from the hypnosis sessions.

There were a few people who still wanted to see me in person.

But most of my clients were perfectly comfortable with the fact that they could stay home, or have the sessions done on their lunch break by phone at work.

I was able to deliver my sessions to a lot more people this way.

And this has been one of my goals all along.

To be able to serve more people by multiplying the efficiency and effectiveness of my efforts, without necessarily doing more heavy lifting or grinding.

A whole new world opened up to me from being able to help people who found it inconvenient to drive to a clinic because of distance, schedule, or preference.

It allows me to meet the needs of a lot of people because of the skills I have developed using the power of the spoken word and suggestion.

There are a lot of every day things that this approach to hypnosis is useful for like helping an anxious person relax, or a nervous person feel more calm.

So much can be said for helping a person with insomnia sleep better, or a person with a phobia being strengthened beyond their fear.

But there is so much more than that.

It is one of the most rewarding things to be able to speak life into people, and watch them be empowered enough to step into their dreams.

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If you would like to learn more about my Hypnosis program in Southern California, set an appointment with me by clicking this link for info.

I will also be going into more details over the next few weeks and months, right here on HypnoAthletics.

Check back for more details soon…

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