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Sleep And Relaxation Hypnosis Sessions On The Beach With HypnoAthletics

On The Beach With HypnoAthletics

Sleep And Relaxation Hypnosis Sessions

(Exercising Your Mind) Relaxation and sleep are two things that I hear a whole lot of people talking and complaining about not getting enough of.

And it is these two things that I know a lot of us need the most.

So I have created two short videos, both less than 10-minutes long, to help guide you into a state of deep relaxation and sleep.

Both links are labeled in full below.

The first one is a video made during the daytime on the Santa Monica Beach in California.

This is a good video to watch, and / or listen to first before the one for sleep because it will help condition you for the deep relaxation required  for sleep.

The video for sleep was filmed at night, and actually has an abrupt cut off on the end for a very specific purpose.

If you are listening to it to go to sleep, this sudden stop will startle you out of the beginning stage of sleep.

When you settle back down, you will go even more quickly, deeply, and your physical body will relax.

Of course, since it is for sleep, there is no prompt or suggestion for you to be alert again.

This is completely safe, natural, and very beneficial to use for relaxation and sleep.

You may use them as often as you like, and I will be recording a few more for the same purpose in the studio for an even more powerful effect.

I know you will enjoy these!

And if you would like to book a session in person or by phone, click this link for appointments now.

Relaxation Hypnosis Session By HypnoAthletics

HypnoAthletics Ocean Sleeping Therapy

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