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Tapping Into The Inner Resources Of The Hypnotic Abyss

 The Hypnotic Abyss

Tapping Into The Inner Resources

(Exercising Your Mind) So much can be said of the fact that you are the director and creator of your reality.

But what if you were not?

How would this make you feel?

To be out of control is not a good feeling.

That is why we often create the very clever justifications in our minds for being in control of many aspects of our lives through what we call science.

Maybe this is why lucid dreaming holds a high appeal for many people.

Not having control is a scary idea for a lot of people.

Meanwhile, many others would rather dwell in the bliss of ignorance.

Because responsibility can be painful sometimes.

And often we do not want to be the ones who the attention is turned to if or when something does go wrong.

But this all is just an imagining of a future not yet come.

If we have a fear of things going wrong, we tend to be more receptive to the moment by moment happenings that create the unwanted outcome.

There is a simple solution to all of this.

Get your thoughts into a place of imagination where things are going right.

You can do this by accessing your own memory of things going right, or by tapping into the Hypnotic Abyss of self created imaginings of the best outcome.

In this way, we place ourselves in a position to focus on, and act more responsively and more responsibly to the things that are for our best interest.

And when we create the best for ourselves, we are more likely creating the best for all others around us.

How do you like to tap into your inner resources?

have you thought of this before?

You are very powerful when you think.

So it may be best to think of solutions rather than problems.

What do you think about that?

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf

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