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Unless They Know How Much You Care; People Don’t Care How Much You Know

People Don’t Care How Much You Know

Unless They Know How Much You Care

(Exercising Your Mind) I am going to do my best to geek out here and go all in with some genetics, biology, and pharmacology stuff to shut your brain down.

This is because you do not care how much I know about those subjects unless you are in the biomedical, research, or other related field where you love these topics.

And also so that I  can make an attempt to prove a very good point.

It is quite possible that you will pay very close attention to everything that I share with you here all the way to the end.

Because you may already know why I know these things.

Maybe not the exact specifics, but for my character driven reasons for this knowledge I have curated and come to be part of.

Let us begin with how much I think I know, to start the process of shutting down the critical processes of your mind, so that I can hypnotize you.

If I were a medical doctor, and you came to me for treatment regarding some medication you took, what would you think of this story?

Francis S. Collins was the head of the Human Genome Project, which was completed in June of the year 2000.

One of the disciplines that developed after this accomplishment was the science of Pharmacogenomics or Pharmacogenetics.

This science characterizes four primary metabolic types of human beings when it comes to the metabolizing of xenobiotics, specifically pharmaceuticals.

These four metabolic types are extensive, slow, poor, and ultra.

To add even more to the metabolic complexity, drugs can be of two main types: Active Drugs and Pro-Drugs.

These foreign substances that we know of as medications are broken down by what scientists have labeled the CYP Enzyme System.

Some people call it CYP-450 Enzyme System because of the nanometer wavelength frequency at which one group of these enzymes is detected in their reduced form.

You don’t care, do you?

All of it is just a bunch of nonsense, especially if you do not know WHY I have even used time in my life to begin to have an elementary understanding of this.

But what if you knew, through personal experience, or because I have sufficiently convinced you, that I researched this because I love you?

Because someone I dearly love was being slowly killed by so-called medical science, and asked me to help them to save their life?

And that I dove deeply into these fundamentals as quickly as I could out of love, and passion, and the belief that I could save the life of someone I love?

Eventually I realized that they could not be the only one suffering from this sort of malpractice and fraud.

With this I understood that many other people could be assisted when they were informed and educated about what was going on with their health.

I knew that one of those people could be you.

That I could save your precious heart from being poisoned to death by the madness inflicted upon you by neglect, ignorance, and malice.

What if you had come to know that I love you, and care about you, just as much as my dear, sweet friend who was haunted by this tormenting intoxication?

Would you care then how much I know?

Of course you would, most likely.

Because then you would know how much I care; for you.

And that I was truly looking out for you.

To make sure that I was doing everything in my knowledge and power to see to it that you were being well, when you were at a low point in life.

You would care how much I know because you would understand that my knowledge could help you.

Yes, then you would care how much I know.

Is your brain still shut off?

Or are you finally paying attention now?

It’s about time.

Welcome to reality.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf

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